Whelping the Litter of Puppies

BullTerrier pupsBullTerrier pups

The pages that follow explain when the birth in imminent, demonstrate a normal birth (whelping), discusses afterbirths and clamps and when call the vet.

References and Further Reading

The raising of a litter of puppies from 3 days before the bitch is due to whelp up until the point of sale is clearly demonstrated on our DVD 'How to Raise a Litter of Puppies'.

Whelping Pregnant Bitch

Whelping - expecting the pups

This section explains the usual gestation period of around 63 days after the first mating, and what signs to look for just before she strains and starts producing pups. But with some bitches the whelping can be earlier. »» Read more...

Whelping First Picture

Whelping - a normal delivery

This section shows a normal delivery of a litter of pups with both pictures and text. It also shows different presentations but explains when to call for help. But if everything goes well, the bitch is in familiar surroundings and is handled by people she loves and respects, a normal delivery of all pups in a litter can be a ... »» Read more...

Whelping Afterbirth


This section explains what afterbirths are and look like, whether they usually come with each pup and whether or not the bitch should be allowed to eat them. »» Read more...