Australian Dog Heritage

Hunting Dog c 1300Hunting Dog c 1300

This section contains some uniquely Australian pure breed dog stories.

Aus Shep Black tan

Junior Showmanship - a Royal Melbourne Show Initiative

The first official 'Canine Turnout (Juvenile Handlers' Classes)' held anywhere in the world was masterminded for the Royal Melbourne Show 1948 when officials first adapted rules for allocating points for horse dressage classes to dog handling classes for juniors. This concept then appealed to overseas Kennel Club officials. Consequently, junior handling classes became an integral part of pure breed dog ... »» Read more...


VCA Library

The Victorian Canine Association's (VCA ) Library is a unique world class asset. Its collection of books and references ranks up there with the Kennel Club (UK) and the American Kennel Club. More than 15,000 catalogued items now make up this unique collection which consists not only educational material, but also pedigree information. »» Read more...

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Founding Victoria

Before 1851, the southern part of the then Colony of New South Wales was settled by squatters. From around 1835 the Port Phillip Association was also formed. Part of this eventually became the City of Melbourne. On July 1st 1851, when the Imperial Parliament in London made a Declaration that separated Victoria from New South Wales. Consequently, any settlers who ... »» Read more...