Australian Dog Heritage

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Throughout the this website, a great emphasis is placed on history, which gives a unique insight into the character and function behind each breed. This section gives an Australian point of view of the dog world 'down under'.


Australia's 150 years of Dog Registration

Imagine it's 1870. You decide to emigrate from Britain to Australia, bringing your pure breed dogs with you. You know the only communication with home is a 4-months sea voyage away! You hear there are dog shows. But when you arrive you find there is no Stud Book in which to record the registration of your dogs. This was the ... »» Read more...

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Combined Australian Museum/Library

There are many Government Grants available for preserving Collections and Reference Resources. A permanent combined Australian Museum/Library could well attract a sizable grant to build a marvelous permanent promotion for our entire dog world. »» Read more...

1864 Dog Show

History of Dogs Victoria

The Victorian Canine Association Inc which now trades as Dogs Victoria began in 1990. Its unique responsibility is to preserve Victoria's pure breed dogs and their registry. This registry contains all the dogs' ancestors that form their genealogical tree whose boughs make their pedigree. Studying generations of parentage gives breeders direction for selecting traits - physical, behavioural and inherited. That ... »» Read more...

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Junior Showmanship - a Royal Melbourne Show Initiative

Who would have dreamed that when the 'Australian Canine Turnout (Juvenile Handlers' Classes)' were born 1948, this would grow into a worldwide phenomena. From this event's infancy, the impact of Juniors experiencing their own contests has had a definite impact on the continuance of all purebred dog activities. I am proud that I have been a first-hand witness to this ... »» Read more...


VCA Library

The Victorian Canine Association's (VCA ) Library is a unique world class asset. Its collection of books and references ranks up there with the Kennel Club (UK) and the American Kennel Club. More than 15,000 catalogued items now make up this unique collection which consists not only educational material, but also pedigree information. »» Read more...

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The Australian Shepherd - Quite un-Australian

This article was originally written for 'Dog News Australia' in an attempt to correct the history of the Australian Shepherd's origin currently being promulgated by the AKC, the Kennel Club (UK), the FCI and the ANKC (Australia). The Australian Shepherd is a modern breed which America developed into a pure breed from Australian roots. This article argues the authenticity of ... »» Read more...

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Questioning Compulsory Membership

In Australasia, buying a registered pedigree dog is insufficient to enable participation in pure breed activities. In every state of Australia and in New Zealand, it is compulsory to first become a member of your resident State body. These State bodies control the registers of pure breed dogs with each State having their own Constitution, Rules and Regulations. As only ... »» Read more...