Asian Breeds

Chow Chow (Smooth Coat)Chow Chow (Smooth Coat)

Asian breeds are amongst our earliest Companion Dogs. This section includes two pages on Asian companion dogs. The first page covers the historically Tibetan breeds of the Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso and Tibetan Terrier and their connection. Note the other Asian breed, the Tibetan Spaniel, has been dealt with in our Toy Group where it is classified in Australia. The second page discusses the historically Chinese breeds, the Chow Chow and Shar Pei.

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Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso and Tibetan Terrier

The introduction of Buddhism into China in 500 A.D. and its equivalent, Lamaism into Tibet in 632 A.D. brought with it the development of the three breeds we shall consider here. All three breeds were based upon grave statues and spiritual lion-dogs which date as far back as the birth of Buddhism. »» Read more...

 Shar Pei

Chow Chow and Shar Pei

The common Chinese origin of the Chow Chow and Shar Pei is indisputable. But the Chow Chow has enjoyed a continuous development as a pure breed whereas the Shar Pei did not. Additionally the difference in coat suggests the Chow Chow originally probably developed in the cold North and Western parts of China with a connection with the Esquimaux Dog ... »» Read more...