Long Legged Scent Hounds

'Southern Hound' 1893'Southern Hound' 1893

In contrast to sight hounds, scent hounds follow their prey by scent rather than sight. Often these hounds were hunted on the end of the leash, so historically were called Leash Hounds. The Bloodhound or Saint Hubert Hound is the oldest recognized Scent Hound and certainly many of our modern breeds date back to this breed.

Bloodhound Leighton


The Saint Hubert Hound,developed by the French monks in the Ardennes, was the first breed ever to be described with the distinctive appearance we recognise today as breed type. Later, the Saint Hubert Hound became popularly known as the 'Bloodhound'. Usually hunted on a leash, the Bloodhound has always been famous for his amazing finding or scenting abilities and was ... »» Read more...

Harrier Sitting


The Harrier is a Scent Hound developed specifically to hunt hare. A physical description of him and the manner in which he worked was first described by the Greek philosopher Xenophen (430 - 354 BC), over two thousand years ago[2]. Although listed in the First English Stud Book and subsequent books until 1915, for the last century this breeds' pedigrees ... »» Read more...

Southern Hound


The Otterhound is derived from an old English type of hound called the Southern Hound that was well known for working slowly and steadily for hours when on the trail of a scent. At first he was used around Devon and Wales. However, once specialized Fox Hunting came into vogue, the Southern Hound's use changed to that of hunting otters ... »» Read more...

Hound maybe Beagle

Other Long Legged Scent Hounds

The English scent hounds are the dogs usually associated with the English hunt scenes. In 1534 when Dr Caius wrote the first classification of dogs, he gave the general name of Harrier to dogs which hunted in packs of Scent Hounds. As the centuries rolled by, Harriers became a breed in their own right and packs of mixed Hounds containing ... »» Read more...