Terrier Grooming

Scottish Terrier with PoodleScottish Terrier with Poodle

The subject of grooming dogs is as broad as it is long. For every breed there is an individual method of removing excess coat, according to coat type, as well as a style of trimming. Here we deal with hand stripping Terriers, using the Airedale Terrier as an example. As hand stripping Terriers is fast becoming a dying art, it is my aim to share this specialized expertise with future generations of dog enthusiasts.

But those with material on grooming other breeds are welcome to contribute. If you would like to do so, please contact me.

Airedale Colins Jessie

Clipping versus Hand Stripping

A terrier's coat was originally its natural defence against predators which lived underground. Consequently, terriers were bred to work the prickly hedgerows chasing these predators which had large claws to dig underground. That is How Terriers worked. That is also why the terrier which hunted these predators had to have a specialised protective double coat called rough. »» Read more...

Removing Bodycoat

Hand Stripping your Terrier

To hand strip your terrier, you grip a SMALL amount of hair between your thumb and forefinger as demonstrated, and pull sharply. This is demonstrated on our DVD below[1]. Many people simply pluck the hair with their thumb and fingers like plucking a chicken! However, a serrated edged knife can assist in gripping the hair. »» Read more...

Groom Feet Front

Trimming and shaping your Terrier

Learning to trim and shape your Terrier is demonstrated in detail on the DVD below[1]. It is a skill that is not only extremely satisfying to learn, it rewards you in that your chosen breed is easily recognized and distinguished from all the other breeds trimmed to a terrier outline. This section relates not only to those being trimmed to ... »» Read more...

Rolling Coat

Rolling the Coat

Rolling the coat is the alternative to stripping the dog bald. It is possible to 'roll' a terrier's coat for months, even years by this continual process of vigilantly pulling out just the long individual hairs. »» Read more...


Grooming a Young Terrier Puppy

Puppies as young as six weeks can be taught to stand on the table to be groomed. If their grooming lasts only a few minutes and rewarded with a treat, they soon yet the idea. Then you will be rewarded with a grown dog which will stand on a table to be groomed which is always pleasure to work on. »» Read more...