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Classic Bitch Head Classic Bitch Head

A measure of the success of Rangeaire Kennels was the breeding of 73 Champions earning 87 Championship titles between them. A full listing of these champions is tabulated below with links to further information about each dog on other Rangeaire pages. The family line is also shown is a breeding map showing the interrelationships between these Rangeaire Champions.

Rangeaire Line Breeding

Part of the success behind Rangeaire Kennels was the use of selective line breeding. This involved breeding somewhat related Airedales that displayed certain specific excellent characteristics. So as this common ancestor then appears on both sides of the pedigree this increases the probability of the desired characteristic appearing in the litter.

So over 48 years, the result for Rangeaire was 73 champions in 10 generations straight, all partly related as can be seen in the diagram below. The Airedales in boxes with red outlines are female, those in boxes with blue outlines are are male. Those with brackets around them represent Airedales which were not Rangeaire bred, those in green boxes were Champions and those in grey boxes were non-champions.

Map of Rangeaire ChampionsMap of Rangeaire Champions

Aust & NZ Ch Rangeaire RamboAust & NZ Ch Rangeaire Rambo

Rangeaire Strategy

The above map was a result of careful thought about selective line breeding.

  • The foundation stock of Rangeaire was chosen because of the overall excellent breed type.
  • In each generation, this careful selection continued with each sire and dam for excellence in heads, bodies, colour, tail sets, temperament etc.

Some outcrosses were used to strengthen particular characteristics.

  • To bring in a really classical head involved using the outcross behind Barbarell, Tremorne Heres Ben, Lady Amanda and Polar Bear.
  • The outcross of Ch Drakehall Dragoon (Imp UK) was used to give better coats, shorter bodies with higher set tails combined with a greater reach (or length) of neck. Whilst before Rangeaire had relied on their old lines to maintain breed type, the use of Dragoon had to be done very carefully because he carried the bad fault of ugly large yellow eyes which took two generations to completely breed out. But the net result was a success, being many more champions bred, and in particular, our famous stud dog Aust & NZ Ch Rangeaire Rambo (pictured).

List of Rangeaire Champions

The following table shows an alphabetical list of the Rangeaire Champions (in green boxes above) along with a link to the page that contains further information. Dogs in brackets (non Champion Rangeaire dogs) have their own separate table below.

# Title Registered Name Sex DOB Sire Dam
1 Aus Ch Rangeaire Angus M 1968-06-27 (Ben Nevis) (Stromboli)
2 Aus Ch Rangeaire Ascot Renown M 1970-04-24 (Ben Nevis) (Stromboli)
3 SA Ch Rangeaire Ayres Rock of Albenor M 1988-07-12 Rambo Rock'n Roll
4 Aus Ch Rangeaire Barbie Jane F 1968-06-24 (Ben Nevis) (Barbarell)
5 NZ Ch Rangeaire Ben Dayle M 1974-02-18 (Here's Ben) Rangitaiki
6 Aus Ch Rangeaire Benjamin M 1970-04-24 (Ben Nevis) (Stromboli)
7 Aus Ch Rangeaire Gin Rummy F 1997-06-06 Rummpole Red Hot Momma
8 Aus Ch Rangeaire Pirate Pete M 1971-02-24 (Ben Nevis) (Barbarell)
9 Aus Ch Rangeaire R Rated F 1982-12-13 Rolls Royce Roulette
10 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rag Doll F 1980-04-10 Rolls Royce Roulette
11 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rag Trade M 1982-03-24 Rocka Billy Rag Doll
12 Aus Ch Rangeaire Raggamuffin F 1988-10-23 Rambo Raggtime
13 Aus Ch Rangeaire Raggity Anne F 1972-07-26 (Ben Nevis) (Barbarell)
14 Aus Ch Rangeaire Raggman M 1991-01-25 Rambo Raggtime
15 Aus Ch Rangeaire Raggs M 1977-02-05 Ringo Starr Raggity Anne
16 Aus Ch Rangeaire Raggtime F 1985-03-10 Raggs Rockin' Robin
17 Aus NZ Ch Rangeaire Raglan Boy, CDX M 1977-02-05 Ringo Starr Raggity Anne
18 NZ Ch Rangeaire Rags Triches F 1982-12-13 Rolls Royce Roulette
19 Aus Ch Rangeaire Ragtime Anne F 1977-02-05 Ringo Starr Raggity Anne
20 Aus Ch Rangeaire Ragtime Beau, CD M 1985-03-10 Raggs Rockin' Robin
21 Aus NZ Ch Rangeaire Rain Mist F 1979-06-02 Referree Roulette
22 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rain Storm M 1982-08-07 (Dragoon) Rain Mist
23 Aus Ch Rangeaire Raindancer F 1993-01-31 Rocket Grange Raggamuffin
24 Aus Ch Rangeaire Raisin Muffin, CD F 1991-11-22 Willoughby Raggamuffin
25 Aus NZ Ch Rangeaire Rambo M 1986-08-12 Rain Storm R Rated
26 Aus Ch Rangeaire Ramsey M 1974-12-31 Ringo Starr (Barbarell)
27 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rangitaiki F 1968-06-27 (Ben Nevis) (Stromboli)
28 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rani F 1969-02-01 (Ben Nevis) (Stromboli)
29 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rascoe, CDX M 1972-07-26 (Ben Nevis) (Barbarell)
30 Aus Ch Rangeaire Ratbag M 1986-12-15 Raggs Rockin' Robin
31 Aus SA Ch Rangeaire Rave Review F 1992-05-22 Rambo Raggtime
32 NZ Ch Rangeaire Razz A Ma Tazz M 1995-03-25 Rule the Roost Razzle Dazzle
33 Aus Ch Rangeaire Razzle Dazzle F 1990-06-04 Rambo (Eleanor Rigby)
34 NZ Ch Rangeaire Reba Nikita F 1998-11-23 Rambo Raggtime
35 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rebecca F 1971-02-24 (Ben Nevis) (Barbarell)
36 NZ Ch Rangeaire Rebel M 1980-10-04 Rolls Royce Roulette
37 Aus NZ Ch Rangeaire Red Gretal M 1987-10-29 Rain Storm R Rated
38 Aus Ch Rangeaire Red Hot Momma F 1993-11-20 Rule the Roost Razzle Dazzle
39 USA Ch Rangeaire Red Raaja M 1977-10-19 Ramsey (Riot Act)
40 Aus Ch Rangeaire Referee M 1976-09-26 Ramsey (Riot Act)
41 Aus Ch Rangeaire Regency Lass F 1983-12-02 Rolls Royce Rockin' Robin
42 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rehearsal F 1986-12-15 Raggs Rockin' Robin
43 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rejoyce F 1999-12-23 (Spirit of Ecstacy) Red Hot Momma
44 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rendez Vous F 1977-10-10 Ramsey (Riot Act)
45 Aus Ch Rangeaire Reno M 1971-02-24 (Ben Nevis) (Barbarell)
46 NZ Ch Rangeaire Revenge F 1977-02-05 Ringo Starr Raggity Anne
47 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rhythm Nblues F 1983-11-20 Rolls Royce Rock'n Roll
48 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rice Bubbles F 1988-07-12 Rambo Rock'n Roll
49 Aus Ch Rangeaire Richmond M 1976-09-26 Ramsay (Riot Act)
50 Aus NZ Ch Rangeaire Ringa Bell F 1974-12-31 Ringo Starr (Barbarell)
51 Aus Ch Rangeaire Ringo Starr M 1972-07-26 (Ben Nevis) Rangitaiki
52 Aus Ch Rangeaire Risen Shine F 1977-08-12 Rising Sun Ring a Bell
53 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rising Sun M 1974-02-18 (Here's Ben) Rangitaiki
54 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rochelle F 1985-03-10 Raggs Rockin' Robin
55 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rocka Billy M 1980-09-24 Ringo Starr (Lady Amanda)
56 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rocket Grange M 1990-06-04 Rambo (Eleanor Rigby)
57 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rockin' Robin F 1981-05-08 Rolls Royce Risen Shine
58 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rock'n Roll F 1983-03-24 Rocka Billy Rag Doll
59 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rolls Royce M 1978-12-31 Referee Raggity Anne
60 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rosebury F 1984-07-14 Rolls Royce Roulette
61 Aus NZ Ch Rangeaire Roulette F 1976-09-17 Ringo Starr Raggity Anne
62 Aus Ch Rangeaire Royal Princess F 1991-01-25 Rambo Raggtime
63 Malaysian Ch Rangeaire Royal Rajah M 1983-11-20 Rolls Royce Rock'n Robin
64 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rubina Rose F 1992-05-22 Rambo Raggtime
65 USA Ch Rangeaire Ruetta F 1977-02-05 Ringo Starr Raggity Anne
66 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rule the Roost M 1992-05-22 Rambo Raggtime
67 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rum M 1992-01-31 Rocket Grange Raggamuffin
68 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rummpole M 1991-11-22 Willoughby Raggamuffin
69 Aus Ch Rangeaire Rustler F 1968-06-27 (Ben Nevis) (Stromboli)
70 Aus Ch Rhythm Nblues F 1983-11-20 Rolls Royce Rock'n Roll
71 Aus Ch Rangeaire Sheba F 1968-06-27 (Ben Nevis) (Stromboli)
72 Aus Ch Rangeaire Unser Rudolf M 1968-06-27 (Ben Nevis) (Stromboli)
73 Aus Ch Rangeaire Willoughby, CD M 1983-12-02 Rolls Royce Rockin' Robin

The following table lists other dogs owned by us which were either not Champions or not Rangeaire bred (shown as grey boxes in the above map).

Title Registered Name Sex DOB
- Aireline Lady Amanda F 1979
Aus Ch Brentleigh Barbarell F 1969-06-02
Aus Ch Brentleigh Ben Nevis, CD M 1965-05-26
- Rangeaire Rangelene F 1974-12-31
- Rangeaire Riot Act F 1974-02-18
Aus Ch Ronlindale Eleanor Rigby F 1987-03-13
Aus Ch Seaire Spirit of Ecstacy (AI) M 1997-05-27
Aus Ch Strongfort Stromboli F 1964-10-10
- Tremorne Here's Ben M 1970-09-19

Rangeaire Spreadsheet

For all those history buffs, here's a complete Rangeaire Airedales Spreadsheet(XLSX, 23 KB) listing:

  • Title
  • Registered Name
  • Sex
  • Reg No.
  • DOB
  • Title Date
  • Call Name
  • Sire
  • Sire Reg No.
  • Sire DOB
  • Dam
  • Dam Reg No.
  • Dam DOB
  • Breeder
  • Owner