Maryvale Airedales

Maryvale AdvertisementMaryvale AdvertisementNeville and Mollie Whiting commenced their success with the very successful bitch CH MARYVALE TIP TOP daughter of AERIAL ACTION bought from Len Latchford of Aeriel Kennels. In those days, dogs did not necessarily bear the kennel prefix of their breeders and, from the information I have to hand this could well have been the case with TIP TOP.

Maryvale - Mr Neville Whiting

Ch Renown Marquis (Imp UK)Ch Renown Marquis (Imp UK)

CH MARYVALE TIP TOP produced CH MARYVALE STORMER when mated to Bill Brilliant's CH STONLEIGH STORMER. No wonder today's breed enthusiasts find the old pedigrees so difficult to decipher! From that same mating of CH MARYVALE TIP TOP with CH STONELEIGH STORMER came CH MARYVALE SOUBRETTE whose beautiful head study appears in the advertisement at the bottom of this page.

Neville Whiting imported KIERBY MERMAID and CH RENOWN MARQUIS in 1927 the basket of puppies (below) being from him and Maryvale Miss Muffett.

Then ARDROSS A LA MODE came in 1929. She was was apparently a beautiful bitch, with the following reference made to her:

'Had she been a couple of sizes larger she probably would have never got to Australia'.

Molly Whiting with Maryvale MickadoMolly Whiting with Maryvale Mickado

Then Mr Whiting used CH ARDROSS AUTOCRAT  (IMP UK) about this time specifically to improve coats and produced CH MARYVALE MIKADO. This is a picture of him taken at 9 months, given some ring training by Mrs Mollie Whiting.

Pups by Ch Renown Marquis (UK) ex Maryvale Miss MuffetPups by Ch Renown Marquis (UK) ex Maryvale Miss Muffet

In 1930 came CH WOLSTANTON LUCKY STRIKE. Many breeders commenced with Maryvale Airedales, including Mr Thompson who looked after Rhodesia Kennels when Snowy Rhodes was away at World War Two.

The Maryvale Kennels

The Maryvale kennels were situated in what is today a densely populated suburb of Melbourne. With modern day restrictions about kennels having to be so far from other properties, it is difficult to imagine these times when kennels were built so close to neighbours.

Runs at Maryvale KennelsRuns at Maryvale KennelsMollie and Neville Whiting Mollie and Neville Whiting Neville WhitingNeville Whiting

Neville Whiting was a great influence on the formation of the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria and donated the perpetual trophies of the Renown Marquis tray, the F M Mitchell Cup and the Eileen O'Connor Shield, all of which were competed for for many decades. He and Mollie also Neville and Mollie Whiting also ran a business selling dog products. As he was a veterinary surgeon, he obviously traded on his professional expertise. The thumbnail above is an advertisement for his products with his lovely bitch Ch MARYVALE SOUBRETTE as centerpiece.