Terriers of Ireland

Irish TerrierIrish Terrier

Dogs have been part of the way of life in Ireland since prehistoric times. As the centuries rolled by, Irish dogs consisted of large hounds used for hunting by the wealthy landowners, and terriers for the general farm work of terriers of the tenant farmers. As these were poor people who did not travel outside Ireland, during the 1800's 4 distinctively different Irish breeds of terriers developed independently of the terriers of England and Scotland.

Irish Terrier the Pikeman Dog Statue

Two Iconic Irish Terriers

The Irish Terrier played an important part in Australia's history. In particular, two individual Irish Terriers have become iconic in Victoria. The first became famous for his extreme dedication to his master in 1854 during the 'Eureka Stockade' and the second became famous in the early 1900's for the courage he displayed during the Boer War. »» Read more...

Irish Terrier with Girl

Irish Terrier

Make room in your heart for the perfect dog - the Irish Terrier! These jaunty debonair daredevils have a deep affection for their master and family and their owners are well rewarded by these intelligent animals' responsiveness and personality. Previously known as 'the Dare Devil', the Irish Terrier has a mind of his own especially when he sees a strange ... »» Read more...

Glen in Snow high res

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Although rare, the Glen of Imaal is the only short legged breed native to Ireland. Particularly strongly built, he has became famous as the 'Turnspit' dog because he arguably worked in the treadmill of propelling a device which rotated the spit which turned meat as it slowly roasted in the old Irish kitchens. »» Read more...

Kerry Blues 3 with car

Kerry Blue Terrier

A game terrier with 'an open coat' has been in existence in County Kerry, the South Western region of Ireland since the earliest settlements. Their non-shedding coat was a of black-blue colour and inclined to curl. These dogs were undeniably game, their boundless energy makes them always look alert. As such, make one of today's most successful show dogs. »» Read more...

Soft Coated Wheaten tunnel

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

A game terrier with 'an open coat' has been in existence in the South and South Western parts of Ireland since the earliest settlements[1]. Today, although Soft Coated Wheaten is playful and has boundless energy, he is quite easy to train. These features, combined with his non-shedding, honey coloured silken coat makes him an ideal companion for modern society. »» Read more...