Livestock Guardians (Working)

Maremma Stamp 1956Maremma Stamp 1956

Livestock Guardian Dogs work independently from within their flocks. Several different pure breeds of Livestock Guardian Dogs exist throughout the world today, originating in different countries. Because Australia's white civilization only dates back a couple of hundred years, the traditional use of large Livestock Guardian Dogs is rare.

Maremma Blaze Head

Maremma Sheepdog

The Maremma Sheepdog is a traditional Livestock Guardian Dog currently being adapted to protect Australia's native wildlife species in a world-first programme. »» Read more...

Komondor Lying

The Komondor and Kuvasz

It is interesting that Hungary has two quite distinctly different breeds of Livestock Guardian Dogs that have evolved independently. This is because the Komondor was developed by a race of people who called it the Kuman-dor, the dog of the Cumans[3] and the Kuvasz was evolved by a different race - the Magyars. For much of Hungary's early history, these ... »» Read more...