Livestock Guardian Dogs (Working)

Maremma Stamp 1956Maremma Stamp 1956

Livestock Guardian Dogs work independently from within their flocks. Several different pure breeds of Livestock Guardian Dogs exist throughout the world today, originating in different countries. Because Australia's white civilisation only dates back a couple of hundred years, the traditional use of large Livestock Guardian Dogs is rare here.

Maremma Blaze Head

Maremma Sheepdog

The Maremma Sheepdog is a traditional Livestock Guardian Dog currently being adapted to protect Australia's native wildlife species in a world-first programme. He originates in the more southern part of Italian Peninsula than the other Italian Livestock Guardian breed, the Bergamasco. Additionally he only comes in white and his coat at around 8 cm or 3 inches, is relatively short. »» Read more...

Bergamasco Jumping up

Bergamasco Shepherd Dog

The Bergamasco Shepherd Dog is a very ancient breed that developed in the northern part of Italy. His extraordinary coat is his most striking feature. Like many of the other ancient breeds, the Bergamasco faced extinction after World War Two. But fortunately, a scientist with knowledge of genetics, resurrected the breed. Her name is Dr. Maria Andreoli and she developed ... »» Read more...

Kusavz Native Costume

The Komondor and Kuvasz

Hungary has two distinctly different breeds of Livestock Guardian Dogs which evolved independently. The Komondor was developed by a race of people called the Cumans who called their dog the 'Kuman-dor'[3]. Meanwhile Hungary was already settled by the Magyars, a different race. For much of Hungary's early history, these two peoples lived in separate areas in Hungary, spoke different languages ... »» Read more...