Setters and the Pointer (English)

English SetterEnglish Setter

The magnificent Pointer with its unique head is as legendary as the Setters. These dogs mesmerised the game by staring at them so the huntsmen could capture them. The History of Setters relates how these breeds were first developed for fowling, which is capturing wild game by throwing a net over them. By the 1800's when shotguns came into general use, the game would be shot. It is recorded that the very first dog show held in Newcastle upon Tyne in England in 1859 was exclusively for Setters and Pointers. So historically, these breeds are very important, their good looks retaining popularity for almost two centuries.

Irish Setter

Irish and Irish Red and White Setters

Although the Red and White Setter appears to be the older of these two breeds and an obvious descendant of 'setting spaniels', it is the Irish Setter that is better known today. The Irish Setter is a comparatively modern breed whose rise in popularity began around the 1850's with the advent of dog shows. Now almost two centuries later, his ... »» Read more...

Eng Setter Danielle

English Setters

The History of Setters relates how English Setter is one of the first breeds of Setters to be recognized as a pure breed. His affectionate nature, beauty in the show ring and usefulness in the field kept him in the forefront of the dog world in Australia from our earliest dog Shows. The British immigrants who developed our fledgling nation ... »» Read more...

Gordon Head

Gordon Setters

The History of Setters relates how Setters originated. But it was the Gordon or Black and Tan Setter was originally bred to find game birds that lived in the steep, rugged heather-covered slopes of Scotland. So this dog had to be extremely robust. Although historically he has never enjoyed the same immense popularity as field or show dog as his ... »» Read more...

Pointer head profile no plastic

Pointer (English)

When guns were first invented, it took time to load them and more time to aim and fire. So a dog had to be used that would stand perfectly still, pointing at prey for long periods so the shooter could use this heavy, cumbersome fire arm. Although dogs of various types had been used for hunting and driving game into ... »» Read more...