The Pedigree is your Guarantee

Saint Bernard and Tenterfield TerrierSaint Bernard and Tenterfield Terrier

A pedigree is an official certificate given by a recognised dog controlling body or Kennel Club listing usually five generations of the dog you are purchasing. The pedigree is not just a list of names. The names represent real dogs often known personally to the reputable breeders who planned to have them as ancestors of the puppy you are purchasing. This recording system or pedigree is a guarantee of how the puppy will grow up, not only in size and looks, but also in temperament.

If you purchase from a reputable breeder, you will no doubt get a chance to meet the mother and possibly the father of the puppy you are buying. Here you can ask questions about the characteristics you require.


American Staffordshire TerrierAmerican Staffordshire Terrier

Specialised characteristics like companionable temperament has been selectively bred for or recorded over centuries in pure breed dogs in a pedigree which then becomes some sort of guarantee. However, in crossed breeds this is not the case where dogs which just have marketable appeal as fluffy puppies are more often produced. So it is best to look at the parents to see what a grown dog is likely to look like in size, temperament, exercise and coat commitments. This is far more reliable in pure breeds than crossed breeds.

Inherited Diseases

Anatolian Shepherd DogsAnatolian Shepherd Dogs

Almost no dog is completely clear of developing some sort of health problem in its lifetime. These heath problems range from skin problems to cancer which can occur in any mammal. Such health problems are often incorrectly blamed on inheritance.

It is fact that some inherited diseases are recorded through formal testing programmes in pure bred dogs, along with their pedigrees. However, in crossed breeds, there is no official recording system by which the 'inherited' disease can be recorded. So, as there are no formal records of mixed breed dogs, some members of the veterinary profession claim crossed breeds are 'free' of these conditions and hence have more 'hybrid vigour'. Nothing is further from the truth! They are just not recorded because there is no formal registration system by which to formalise this recording process.

Where to look for a pedigree puppy

Lhasa Apso puppyLhasa Apso puppy

There is lots of information in the public place about which pure breed to choose. Canine Controlling bodies or the Kennel Club in your State or country are a good start. Municipal Council Libraries have excellent books on most breeds. You could attend a dog show and talk to owners and breeders. Dog Shows are held regularly in most cities and around the world. Additionally, we have basic information in this site

Whatever the breed, the best advice is to buy a pure breed puppy with registration papers from a reputable breeder. That way, you have your guarantee and should not be disappointed. Then, that puppy should grow into the predictable dog of your dreams.