Water Dogs

Irish Water SpanielIrish Water Spaniel

This section contains three breeds that were originally bred to hunt waterfowl in marshes and boggy terrains. Each breed is not only different in the way they hunted, but they also developed in countries completely isolated from one another. These breeds are the Water Spaniel of Ireland, the Tolling Retriever of Canada, and the Lagotto which first developed in the Romagnolo region of Italy. The Lagotto more recently became specialised to find truffles. We have also included in this section a couple of other breeds of water dogs from Europe.

Irish Water Spaniel stamp

Irish Water Spaniel

A relic from the past, the Irish Water Spaniel is not your conventional Gundog! Unique with his barrel shaped body giving him a characteristic roll when he trots, his large, spreading, hairy feet, his hairless 'rat tail', and his oily, curly, rich dark liver coat, he is the only remaining British Water Spaniel among today's pure breeds. »» Read more...

NoveSDTR jumping in water

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

One of our more recent pure breeds, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is smallest of all Retrievers. He was developed in Nova Scotia, Canada for the special purpose of duck tolling, a trait that makes him a playful companion ideally suitable for modern family life. »» Read more...

Lagotto white retrieving

Lagotto Romagnolo

An ancient Italian medium-sized water dog, the Lagotto is a very ancient breed. Developed in Italy in one of the earliest cradles of civilization, perhaps he was in the background of many ancient Water Dogs like those described by Gervase Markham in his book 'La Livre de Chasse' (published 1655 AD). By the mid-1800's the Lagotto was used almost exclusively ... »» Read more...

Lagotto Spanish Water Dog 2

Spanish Water and other Water Dogs

Here we have the Spanish Water Dog pictured which is a newcomer to Australia. But on this page we shall mention one other water dog yet to arrive here and over time others may be added. »» Read more...

Murray Duke Profile REV

Murray River Retrievers

The Murray River Retriever is the latest ANKC recognised pure breed. An Australian icon, it is also Australia's only home grown Gundog. The earliest reference has been traced back to early to mid 1800's and they have breed true ever since. Historically they were popularly known as the Murray River Curly Coated Retriever, Murray River Curly, Murrays, Curlies, Murray Curly ... »» Read more...