Non-Sporting Breed Index

Poodle (Toy)Poodle (Toy)

The classification of the dogs in this Group varies from country to country. For simplicity of navigation and accessibility, the table below lists the breeds alphabetically that appear in the Australian classification, divided into sections based broadly on their historical purpose.

Non-Sporting Breed Original Function Country of Origin
Boston Terrier Companion Dog USA
British Bulldog Bull Breed England
Canaan Dog Early Hound North Africa
Chow Chow Working, sled and food China
Dalmatian Companion Dog Croatia
Eurasier Companion Dog Germany
French Bulldog Bull Breed France
German Spitz (Mittel and Klein) Companion Dogs Germany
Great Dane Working Dog Germany
Japanese Spitz Companion Dogs Japan
Keeshond Companion and Watch Dog Holland
Lhasa Apso Companion Dog Tibet
Peruvian Hairless Dog Companion Dog Peru
Poodle (Miniature) Scent Hounds (water dogs) France
Poodle (Standard) Scent Hounds (water dogs) France
Poodle (Toy) Scent Hounds (water dogs) France
Schipperke Ratter and Watch dog Belgium
Shar Pei General Farm and Watch dog China
Shih Tzu Companion Dog China
Tibetan Terrier Companion Dog Tibet (China)
Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless) Companion Dogs Mexico