Understanding Pure Breed Dogs

Clumber SpanielClumber Spaniel

Pure breed dogs have been selectively bred over time to perform a specific function. This function could be to become a sheepdog, guard dog, or simply wonderful pet. For example in palaces and amid society circles, dogs with excellent temperaments plus good looks were selected for generations to become today's Companion Dogs while those who best performed some other function effectively were selectively bred for accordingly.

Pure Breed MIniature Schnauzer

What are Pure Breed Dogs?

Pure breed or pedigreed dogs firstly must have a formal pedigree issued by a Kennel Club and secondly must have their breed's physical description and function classified within their Breed Standard. These two factors make pure breed dogs predictable in both looks and temperament. For the purposes of this website, we are confining breed descriptions contained in our unique pages ... »» Read more...

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Breed Standards

By the mid-1800's men who worked their dogs in a variety of ways formed themselves into breed associations which drew up the original Breed Standards based on the physical traits required for dog to do the job it was bred for. This shifted the focus from function to physical characteristics. »» Read more...

Stud Book Irish Setter

Kennel Clubs and Stud Books

On 4th April 1873, the Kennel Club (UK) the first of today's recognized Kennel Clubs was founded. Then came the American Kennel Club (AKC) one year later with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) following by 1880. In Australia the administration involved with keeping the Stud Registry and the Rules and Regulations of Dog Shows used to be controlled by various ... »» Read more...