Jane with Winning AiredaleJane with Winning Airedale

This section explains how a dog judge becomes qualified and all its different levels, what is a natural 'eye for a dog', what is breed type is and how it is affected by the actual size of the dog being judged.

Judging Boxer Canada

What is a Dog Judge

A dog judge is a person who holds a license issued by the Kennel Club in their country of residence to judge pure breed dogs at the levels explained below. »» Read more...

Tenterfield Pair of Puppies

An 'Eye for a Dog'

This article explains an 'eye for a dog' or the ability to instantly recognize and appreciate the dog's unique features as described within its Breed Standard. Whether you are a breeder, a judge, an interested owner or a dog enthusiast it is most important to develop what we call in dog jargon, an 'eye for a dog'. Then you can ... »» Read more...

Bull Terrier Male

Breed Type

This article explains 'breed type' which emphasizes particular features or combinations of peculiarities unique to each breed as outlined that in Breed's Standard. For the sake of the preservation of all pure breeds it is most important that the correct breed type for each breed is recognised and appreciated by all interested parties to distinguish it from the generic dog. ... »» Read more...

Judging Size Type English Setter Lucas

Size Versus Breed Type

This article explains why specific height and/or weight limitations within breed standard are so essential and fundamental to correct breed type. When Breed Standards are specific concerning height and/or weight parameters, the size of the dog becomes fundamental to the whole picture of correct breed type. So, it never ceases to amaze me to observe how many breeds drift away ... »» Read more...

Bedlington and Dandie Dinmont c 1881

Judging a Terrier

Today's terrier breed standards were based on their specialized ability to dig. According to the prey the dog was hunting and the terrain in which he hunted, the construction of the terrier was selected and evolved accordingly. This section describes how and why the terriers' construction has been adapted from a normally constructed dog, to one with this specialized digging ... »» Read more...