Legs Terminology

Australian ShepherdAustralian Shepherd

Independent of the shoulder blade, two other major components of the front legs are discussed. Firstly the length of the upper arm, a feature of long-legged terriers that enables them to dig. Secondly the shortening of the main bones of the legs which is the basis of not only short-legged terriers but all short-legged breeds.


Long Legged Terriers

In normally constructed breeds, theoretically the shoulder blade and upper arm are the same length. This section discusses the 'Terrier Front' which has the upper arm shorter than the shoulder blade. »» Read more...

Scottie Wheaten

Short Legged Terriers

This section explains the short legged construction of terriers whose legs have been shortened to allow the dog to bear his weight on his chest, leaving the legs free to dig. These terriers' bodies also had to be extremely flexible, allowing them to work within the confines of tunnels like the setts created by badgers, as the section below explains. »» Read more...

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Heeling

Other Short Legged Breeds

This section explains a dog's short legged construction. This includes how cattle dogs with shortened legs were able to evade the retaliatory kick when the dog moved cows by nipping at their heels. The second section explains excessively bowed legs and dwarfism, deformities which may develop should the shortening of legs become exaggerated. »» Read more...