Utility Breeds


Utility breeds are mainly large working dogs other than sheep and cattle dogs. This Group contains mastiffs and giant breeds which historically were used to pull carts or sleds, for rescue work, as Livestock Guardian dogs, or hunted large game like wild boar. Today some utility breeds are still used for sledding, rescue work, police work and as flock guards. In today's society, keeping giant breeds requires space, energy and a firm commitment to training. The reward is a truly magnificent friend.

Samoyed Open Dog

Utility Breed Index

The classification of the dogs in this Group varies from country to country. For simplicity of navigation and accessibility, the table below lists the breeds alphabetically that appear in the ANKC (Australian) classification. They appear here based broadly on their historical purpose. »» Read more...

Livestock Guardian PMD and Tibetan Mastiff

Livestock Guardian Dogs (Utility)

As Livestock Guardian Dogs are split between the Utility Group and the Working Group in Australia. As explained in Livestock Guardian Dogs History, these dogs live and blend permanently with the flock of domestic animals whether they be sheep, goats, cattle or more recently domestic fowl. In this section although the Tibetan, Pyrenean and the Spanish Flock Guardian Dogs bear ... »» Read more...

Mastiff Neopolitan


Mastiffs embrace a family of giant breeds whose origins date back thousands of years to the Asiatic Mastiff and Tibetan Mastiff. As civilizations moved eastwards many modern large breeds evolved from this one source, the Neopolitan Mastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux developing in Italy and France respectively, and once they reached Britain, the Mastiff (English) and the Bullmastiff. Once they ... »» Read more...

Newf swim REV

Carting and Rescue

Historically, large, heavy dogs often rescued people from the sea as well as those trapped in snow and ice covered mountains. Other draught dogs acted as the farmer's or milkman's assistants, pulling carts of containers full of milk or other produce. This section described several of our pure breed dogs that still do the job for which they were originally ... »» Read more...

Black Russian Rev

Schnauzers, Pinschers and Protection Dogs

This category of dogs are bred to protect people and their property. This is why their appearance and demeanour could to appear intimidating. These breeds are typically fearless and willing to defend its owners from other people or guard dogs. At the same time, they should be well under control and sufficiently restrained to retreat on command. »» Read more...

Sled Dogs Two Wiki

Sled Dogs of the Arctic

The Arctic region consists of the Arctic Ocean which froze in winter, and areas of Russia, Canada, Greenland and Alaska some of their surrounding islands. Six different pure breeds of sled dogs were developed by the various indigenous peoples who lived in these isolated areas. These people used teams of powerful dogs to pull sleds through the ice and snow, ... »» Read more...