Saint Bernard and Tenterfeild TerrierSaint Bernard and Tenterfeild Terrier

Until recently, de-sexing (castrating a male dog or spaying a female) was only performed out of necessity. But in the last decade or so, de-sexing has become the socially responsible thing to do. This section covers whether and when to de-sex in the first instance and also explores the modern possibilities for participating in traditional activities with a de-sexed dog.


The Question of De-Sexing

You are about to take your puppy to your veterinarian for the first time. You may be asked to consider whether or not to de-sex and if so, at what age. De-sexing means to spay in the case of a female and to neuter in the case of a male. As de-sexing involves major surgery, especially in the case of ... »» Read more...


Neuter Classes added to Dog Shows

One of the many reasons the numbers have declined at traditional dog shows is that dog shows were the shop window where we could display what we were all about - breeding pure breed dogs. So dog shows had to be confined to entire or non-desexed dogs. But with so many dogs now de-sexed, classes specifically for neutered dog could ... »» Read more...