Early Airedales in Queensland

Ch Cotswold Play Boy of OrionCh Cotswold Play Boy of Orion

The information below was published in the Canine Stud Books of Australia which ran from 1922 through to 1945, when World War Two ended. During the period the Stud Books were published, 732 Airedales from all over Australia were registered including 11 UK imports, 2 New Zealand imports.  and an influx from several well known Victorian Kennels of that time as well as a few from NSW.

It appears that inclusion in the Canine Stud Books of Australia was available to dogs registering their dogs from other States. Researching was  voluntary. Additionally, kennel names were sometimes used as prefixes, sometimes as suffixes, sometimes the same kennel name was used by different people and sometimes when a dog was purchased from another kennel, the buyer's rather than the breeder's prefix appears. However, below is a summary of what I could glean from this published information.

After World War 2, the Queensland Stud Books ceased to be published. However in 1945,1946 and 1947 Year Books were produced, with registration numbers recommencing. Ch Cotswold Play Boy of Orion (pictured) appropriately had registration number one as he was the sire or grandsire of the several litters registered over the next 2 years. However, in 1947 the resurgence of Airedales began with these 4 from Victoria. Snowy Rhodes sent Renegade of Rhodesia (half-brother of his famous 'Rebel') and Roslyn of Rhodesia and J T Howat sent Warradale Marheretta all to Baxter McCarthy and Rhodesia Ringmaster (by 'Rebel') to Miss K Hughes. However, there is a gap in the information available about Airedales in Queensland until Robert Grannum founded his Bajan prefix in 1974

Back to the Queensland Stud Books 1922 - 1945, unless otherwise stated, in my summary below a litter was recorded as such here if 2 or more progeny of the same birthdate and parentage were registered to the same person.

Date Kennel Prefix/Suffix and Breeder's Name Comments plus other registrations of note

No prefixes or kennel names as such used

Breeders included:

Dr Foxton

Bellaires Stud Farm

Mr T Vaughan

Mrs J Reynolds

Registrations from Clonmel Judith (imp UK) Clonmel Cleopatra (imp UK) Rough Charge (imp UK) Watlands Performer (imp UK) and Aeroplane (imp UK) all probably owned by Dr Foxton

Bellaires Stud Farm used Ch Wairiki Warrior (imp NZ)

Dr Sparkes brought Airedales from NSW

Another 2 single Airedales registered


Ardoyne - Mrs Phyllis Drake

Durham - Mr H Tarren

Austral - (not Dr Norman Meyers Vic)

M A B MacDonald

Mrs G Berrie

Mr Vaughan

Ilan Flyaway (imp UK) was imported by Dr Sparke. This dog is of particular note as he became a significant stud dog in both NSW and Queensland

Another 3 single Airedales registered


Arnwood - Mr R Wells

Ascot - F L South -3 litters

Corinda - H MacCauley Turner

Durham - H Tarren

Ch Shirley Mac of Ascot (Imp NZ) was imported by F L South

Another 9 single Airedales registered


Northam - J Kilroe

Ascot - F L South -3 litters

Durham - H Tarren

Oikein - R B Jefferies

Aerial Service was purchased from Len Latchford (Vic) by J Kilroe

Cigarette (imp UK) was purchased by F L South

Another 15 single Airedales registered


Ascot - F L South - 3 litters

Benwell - M Martin

Breencock - N Gall

Kashmir - R L Hanslow

2 Austral dogs from Dr Norman Meyers (Vic)

Brynteg Smasher (imp UK) imported by F L South, Clee Maisie (Imp UK) imported by G Taylor, Ilan Lady (Imp UK) and and Astonisher (Imp UK) were imported by J Kilroe and Sandbrook Girl (imp UK) was imported by Lee Brown.

Another 16 single Airedales registered


Aerial - Miss F MacDonald

Armwood - R Wells

Ascot - F L South - 2 litters

Benwell - J Thye

Craighead - G Taylor

Durham - H Tarren

Northam - J Kilroe

Oikein - J B Jefferies

Panbridge - J W Innes

Pabryn - F W Carter

Note this Aerial was bred down from Aerial Service purchased from Len Latchford (Vic)

Beta's Dupilcate (Imp UK) was imported by F L South

Another 19 single Airedales registered


Arawa - Mrs P D Barber

Ardersier - L A Foster

Breenock - 3 separate registrations to N H Hall

Northam - J Kilroe

Oikein - R B Jefferies

Canterbury - G Dean

Another 11 single Airedales registered

Newstead - W Bohl

Unique - C M Leslie

Yorkshire - T Walker - 2 litters

Cromer - H Tarren (formerly Durham)

Ardersier - 4 different registrations 3 of which show to L A Foster as breeder 2 showing only sire and dam and not the two generations of most of the other registrations.

Another 22 single Airedales registered


Ascot - F L South

Blackstone - D J Davies

Cromer and Newstead - one litter under each prefix to W Bohl

(of) Montrose - Mrs Fordham

Trinmore - F W Clarke

Wirraway - H B Simcocks

Yorkshire - 2 separate registrations, one from the litter born the year before

Stoneleigh Soubrette bred by Bill Brilliant (Vic) registered to Miss Lee Brown

Another 26 single Airedales registered


Arnwood - R Wells

Glenruth - J Jordon

Molonga - W Cooper and J Mair

McGregor - A A Crisp

Newstead - W Bohl

Westmere - F Cross

Wirraway - H B Simcocks

Stoneleigh Squadron Leader bred by Bill Brilliant (Vic) registered to Miss Lee Brown

Another 24 single Airedales registered


Highgate - Mrs J C James

Bayswater - Miss Lee Brown

(of) Montreal - Mrs Bates

(of) Montrose - Mrs Fordham

McGregor - A A Crisp

Nithsdale - C Whitson

Wirraway - H B Simcocks

Yorkshire - T Walker

Maryvale Caithness Queen from Neville Whiting (Vic) was registered to D Mitchell

Interestingly, 3 separate registrations under the Newstead prefix one of which bred by P Drummond and not W Bohl (who previously had bred dogs under this prefix and also was the breeder of the other two registrations)

Another 18 single Airedales registered


Arawa - Dr G Croll

Bayswater - Miss Lee Brown

(of) Tullamore - J P Quinn

(of) Albion and (of) Warren one litter registered under two different suffixes

(of) Montrose - F Fordham

McGregor - A A Crisp

Westmere - F Cross

Maryvale Marilyn (bitch) from Neville Whiting (Vic) was registered to J P Quinn

Maryvale Mundic (dog) of different breeding to the above bitch from Neville Whiting (Vic) was registered to W Bohl

Another 15 single Airedales registered


Bayswater - Miss Lee Brown

(of) Torwood - A Boddington

Kelvin - J Irwin

(of) Tullamore - J P Quinn

Oikein - R Jeffries - 2 litters

Studley - E W Ulett

The Studleigh litter ( E W Ulett) was from the Stoneleigh Squadron Leader and Stoneleigh Soubrette originally sent to Miss Lee Brown

J P Quinn brought Stoneleigh Stylist from Bill Brilliant (Vic)

Another 18 single Airedales registered


(of) Venezia - L A Benevuti

(of) Tullamore - J P Quinn

Newstead - W Bohl

Nithsdale - W A Goddard

Oikein - R Jeffries

Stanton - M Mackay

Studley - E W Ulett

Another 13 single Airedales registered

Burleigh - W C New

Oikein - R Jeffries

Another 8 single Airedales registered including litter mates to D Ross

Arawa - Dr G Troll

Braemore - Mrs J Morgan

Firkin - J Guthrie

(of) Tregenna - E Bosanko

Another 8 single Airedales registered.

Mr S Copplestone bred a dog registered a dog with KCC (Vic) basically of Stoneleigh bloodlines and sent it to J P Quinn. Mr Stan Copplestone was involved with forming the Airedale Terrier Club of Queensland in the 1970's.


(of) Tregenna - E Bosanko

(of) Helvitia - Miss Albeitz

(of) Burleigh - W C New

Another 8 single Airedales registered.
1939 (Te) Arawa -  Dr G Troll Another 6 single Airedales registered including Regal of Rhodesia from Victoria
1940 Cairnstone - E Holmes 2 male dogs only from each of 2 litters No other registrations

Cairnstone - E Holmes

Dumbray - Mrs M D Barrett

2 other single registrations
1942 One single registration only - Cotswold Play Boy of Orion. This dog was bred from Victoria stock, sired by Gr Ch Oakover Offender out of Omuka Trixie. He was to become an influential Stud in Queensland post World War Two
1943 Dumbray - Mrs M D Barrett 1 other single registration, also to Mrs M D Barrett
1944 2 other single registrations, one from NSW
1945 Valamon - J H Flood 1 other single registration