Rolling the Coat

Rolling the CoatRolling the Coat

Rolling the coat is the alternative to stripping the dog bald. It is possible to 'roll' a terrier's coat for months, even years by this continual process of vigilantly pulling out just the long individual hairs.

Although tedious and time consuming, this eliminates the process of ever having to strip the terrier bald to the skin. By maintaining hair at different lengths, there should always be sufficient new coat coming through to keep the terrier's outline neat.

The Technique of 'Rolling the Coat'

This simple process involves combing the coat backwards first so you can ascertain the length of each individual hair. Then with your finger and thumb or a blunt stripping knife, pull out the long hairs. Then brush the coat back into place.



Additionally, the dog needs to be 'undercoated' at least twice a week with a small serrated edged knife as shown on the DVD[1]. To do this, hold the dog's skin firm with one hand so it does not move with the knife relative to the dog's body. Then, holding the knife on an angle of approximately 110 degrees to the line of travel - this should always be with the natural lay of the hair broadly from head to tail - pass the knife firmly through the coat as shown.

References and Further Reading

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