Practical Dog Breeding

Airedale TerriersAiredale Terriers

This section explains the bitch’s breeding cycle, the male dog’s peculiar anatomy, how to assist or understand the mating process when it is required.

Most animals (except humans and camels) come into 'season' or oestrus. This is a period where the bleeding of a bitch means she is becoming ready to accept the male dog.

References and Further Reading

This is explained further in the DVD 'How to Make a Showdog' by Jane Harvey

Mechanism Bella

Canine Reproductive Mechanism

This section explains the peculiarities of the reproductive anatomy of a dog, the breeding cycle of a bitch and how to observe when she is producing eggs. »» Read more...

Assisting Mating Courtship Airedales

Assisting the Mating

This section explains how to assist the dog and bitch if you wish them to mate, what to do if an unplanned mating occurs and the etiquette of stud fees. »» Read more...