Airedale Terrier with pupsAiredale Terrier with pups

This section describes the care and management of breeding dogs. It is divided into three sections namely understanding and practical dog breeding, the physiology and practicality of mating dogs and the whelping of a litter of puppies.

References and Further Reading

The above pictures and moving graphics are explained further in the DVD 'How to Make a Showdog' by Jane Harvey and the DVD ''How to Raise a Litter of Puppies'

Borzoi Mum and Pups

Understanding Dog Breeding

This section explains how characteristics are inherited, selecting a suitable dog and bitch, and breeding terms often referred to when breeding is discussed. »» Read more...

Understanding Airedale Pair

Practical Dog Breeding

This section explains the bitch’s breeding cycle, the male dog’s peculiar anatomy, how to assist or understand the mating process when it is required. »» Read more...

Whelping Bull Terrier Ten Pups

Whelping the Litter of Puppies

The pages that follow explain when the birth in imminent, demonstrate a normal birth (whelping), discusses afterbirths and clamps and when call the vet. »» Read more...