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My latest production is my book 'Terriers Unveiled'. A totally Australian hardcover book comprised of 380 individual pages. Each breed page contains a well researched history of each breed including references in the form of footnotes where applicable. All of the 400+ photographs and illustrations have attributions printed underneath them.

For simplicity of navigation, the book begins with an easily referenced Table of Contents followed by a wonderful Foreword by Vin McPhee, President of Dogs Victoria. A portion of this reads:

'The knowledge she imparts will no doubt make "Terriers Unveiled" her "magnum opus".

Terriers Unveiled

'Terriers Unveiled' takes a unique look at Terriers from their historical beginnings to their role in modern society. 35 modern and seven extinct Terrier breeds are described and illustrated with over 400 carefully selected photographs, appealing to anyone interested in Terriers.

Terrier terminology is explained is explained in simple terms using 32 original purpose-drawn graphics. General topics include hand stripping. living with Terriers and their use in modern society. Terriers stories, both fact and fiction, add to the breed information.

This book is 50,000 words and 380 pages long. It is written by Jane Harvey, a well-respected dog expert, author and judge. Over the last ten years, her widely acclaimed website,, was used as a platform to attract material from Terrier specialists. These contributions, now refined and peer reviewed, are presented in this contemporary book.

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Initially, just 100 copies were published and these sold out in just 2 months. However, we have now done a re-run. Consequently, a limited number of this book is now available. The cost of each copy is $100 + $10 p&p within Australia. These may be purchased by Direct Deposit to Commonwealth Savings Bank: 063-236 1027 0274 in the name of Mrs Jane Harvey, accompanied by an E-mail to Please include your postal address! For overseas orders, best to pay by using the cart at this address:    by using the cart. Please contact us for postage costs to your country.

Dog DVD's

Our Educational SeriesOur Educational Series

Since the early 1980's, Jane Harvey has produced videos as an aid to assist people learn more about the wonderful world of dogs. These videos/DVDs have been widely acclaimed with exports to 72 countries.

Now, with the advent of the Internet, Jane is finding that this JaneDogs website is providing a more expansive way to share her knowledge to a wider audience. In particular, Jane is excited about the prospect of expanding JaneDogs to include clips from her library of thousands of hours of dog video footage.

Below is a summary of Jane's world acclaimed dog DVDs covering grooming, breeding, showing, and selected histories of pure breed dogs. For customer comments, stills from the actual video footage and ordering of the DVDs, please see our sister site,

Terriers Then and Now

Terriers Then & NowTerriers Then & Now

This video/DVD is an in-depth coverage of the 40 breeds recognized in the Terrier Group anywhere in the world, tracing the history of Terriers both present and extinct. Taking two years to script and edit, it contains over 800 stills and more than 500 video clips as it travels in time, from the earliest references in art and literature to the role of the terrier in the 21st century. Illustrated with lithographs, archival photos, artwork and modern and historical video footage, it presents terrier history, development, functions and comparisons. With each breed described in detail there are many fine examples of modern dogs. This DVD is punctuated with different breeds of terriers taking part in Agility, Flyball, Canine Freestyle, Obedience, Search and Rescue, and Schutzhund (man) work etc.

'Terriers Then & Now' is just over two and a half hours long. So it can either be watched in its entirety all at once or its handy menu can quickly direct you to whichever breed or section you may wish to reference. Our latest production, this DVD is entertaining as well as informative, with wide appeal to judges, terrier enthusiasts and all those with a love of dogs.

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How to Groom an Airedale

How to Groom an AiredaleHow to Groom an Airedale

This video/DVD has been praised by some of the world's most respected terrier experts. Although the Airedale has been used as a model, the grooming techniques demonstrated can be successfully applied to other trimmed terrier breeds as well as those groomed to a terrier outline.

'HOW TO GROOM AN AIREDALE' is extremely popular. The DVD is almost three hours long and divided into four sections with a clear, easy to follow menu. Section one explains the tools and gear necessary, section two clearly demonstrates the technique of hand stripping beginning with the the body coat and then working over the remainder of the dog in a suggested six-weeks stripping programme. In section three the fine trim is shown in explicit detail with around one hour of video footage with splendid close-up hands-on shots, and section four is about coat maintenance. The DVD is also illustrated with innovative moving computer graphics.

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How to Handle at a Dog Show

How to Handle at a Dog ShowHow to Handle at a Dog Show

This video/DVD is designed to teach beginners the fundamental skills of handling dogs in the conformation show ring. Divided into three sections, each around half an hour long.

The first section is about standing or 'stacking' your dog. Dogs of various breeds are used to illustrate different methods and situations like free standing, being examined on the table, or what to do when rings have surfaces which not level. Both this and the next section conclude with clips taken from dog shows.

The second section is about moving the dog for the judge.  Here, not only are the different gaits of the dog explained using slow motion footage, but also how to train the dog to achieve this ideal 'show' gait. Then different gaiting patterns are shown not only with the use of innovative computer graphics again laid over live footage, but also how to correctly move your dog as the judge wishes. The how's and why's of some of the most common mistakes are also demonstrated. The last section explains show etiquette and procedure and how dog shows are run.

Proven to be of considerable benefit to those with some experience, it is invaluable for competitors in Junior Handling events as well as those new to exhibiting dogs.

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How to Make a ShowDog

How to Make A Show DogHow to Make A Show Dog

This video/DVD explains the principles behind 'making' showdogs. In three sections accessed by a handy menu, in just over one hour the basics of dog breeding and how to avoid some of the pitfalls are clearly demonstrated and explained.

In the first section basic genetics and the theory of breeding are illustrated using innovative moving computer graphics. In the second section the bitch's cycle is also explained not only with computer graphics, but also with unique live footage shot and edited so the viewer observes the bitch's entire three week cycle (heat) in just a few minutes of video.

Then the dog's peculiar reproductive processes are clearly demonstrated. Lastly, in this section, different managed matings are shown and explained, including how to affect them as well as what to do in the case of an unplanned mating. The last section is about the selection and education of the young showdog puppy in preparation for a show career.

Whilst 'How to Make a Showdog' comfortably stands alone in its own right, it has been designed to dovetail into 'How to Raise a Litter of Puppies' and 'How to Handle at a Dog Show'.

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How to Raise a Litter of Puppies

How to Raise a Litter of PuppiesHow to Raise a Litter of Puppies

This video/DVD covers the period from three days before the bitch is due to whelp, with clear instructions as to the necessary preparations, the actual birth of the puppies and their raising until the point of sale, including basic care of the nursing mother.

Although indicating possible signs of trouble when a call to the veterinarian is recommended, the emphasis is on normality. Different variations of normal whelping presentations are covered as well useful information like tube feeding and/or bottling weaker pups, worming and puppy socialization.

'How to Raise a Litter of Puppies' runs for almost three hours. If used whilst actually raising the litter, the menu directs you to the age or stage of your litter.

Particularly useful for a first time or inexperienced breeder, this DVD is often recommended by Veterinary Surgeons, as it is a common reference in Veterinary Schools and Colleges world wide.

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