Other Non-Sporting Breeds

Great DaneGreat Dane

This section contains breeds that are not classified in any other classifications under the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). These breeds may appear to have no relationship to one another but they are classified as 'Non-Sporting' as remnants of the original classifications of 'Sporting' and 'Non-Sporting'.

Poodle Modern Art


Poodles, with their different sizes and colours are among our most distinctive and popular breeds. They are typified by their clip which dates back centuries to when they were used as Water Spaniels. Simultaneously, a smaller companion dog with a similar clip was depicted in European paintings and caricatures. Today the coat is the breeds' hallmark with fashionable or tidy ... »» Read more...

Great Dane Gayle Two Heads

Great Dane

The Great Dane originated in Denmark, was named by a Frenchman, was used by the Germans for boar hunting, but was developed into the pure breed we know today by the British aristocracy. Such are the many facets of the Great Dane! With neither the lightness of a Greyhound nor the heaviness of a Mastiff, this majestic dog has a ... »» Read more...

Dalmatian Vino cover


Instead of being bred to perform some specific function, the Dalmatian has been selectively bred because of his distinctive spotted coat. Originally used as part of the ornate equipment that goes with the horse and carriage, he has also been the subject of many fables. The modern classic novel, 'One Hundred and One Dalmatians', originally written in 1956 and its ... »» Read more...

Xolos Mini Std sitting

Xoloitzcuintle and Peruvian Hairless Dogs

The isolated settlements of Central America are among the most ancient in the world, akin to the Chinese and those of Mesopotamia and Northern Africa. In a similar way to how the 'Lion-dog' was worshipped through Buddhism in China, the superstitions of the ancient civilisations of South America harboured the existence of hairless dogs. »» Read more...