Livestock Guardian Dogs (Utility)

Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Tibetan MastiffPyrenean Mountain Dog and Tibetan Mastiff

As Livestock Guardian Dogs are split between the Utility Group and the Working Group in Australia. As explained in Livestock Guardian Dogs History, these dogs live and blend permanently with the flock of domestic animals whether they be sheep, goats, cattle or more recently domestic fowl. In this section although the Tibetan, Pyrenean and the Spanish Flock Guardian Dogs bear the name Mastiff, this is technically a misnomer as these three breeds were developed as Flock Guards and still work as such today.

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Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Pyrenean Mastiff

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog earned a special place in Australia's history as our first resident Livestock Guardian Dog. He filled his traditional role just 50 years after the first British settlement. Hence he played a significant role in Australia's fledgling sheep industry. His continuous presence here has been documented ever since. »» Read more...

Spanish Mastiffs

Spanish Mastiff

One of our largest pure breeds, the Spanish Mastiff, a Livestock Guardian Dog, has been essential to Spain's sheep industry since the earliest times. He protected large flocks from wolves and bears as the flocks that were seasonally taken from the valleys to the mountains in search of grazing pastures. With the collapse of Spain's sheep industry, Spanish traditionalists resurrected ... »» Read more...

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Central Asian and Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

The Livestock Guardian Dogs that originated in Asia Minor are among the most ancient of the dogs that filled this important role. This is a closer look at their pure breed descendants known today as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog and the Anatolian Shepherd Dog,"Çoban köpegi", and a discussion about the name of these traditional Turkish Shepherd Dogs. »» Read more...

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Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Kangal or Karabash?

Nobody in Turkey has ever called their legendary Livestock Guardian dog the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. But in the last few decades, some have also called it the Kangal "Çoban köpegi" which means Kangal Shepherd Dog or "Koyun köpegi" which means sheep dog with a black head. This dog indigenous to Turkey was also called the Karabash which came in other ... »» Read more...

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Tibetan Mastiff

The Livestock Guardian Dog and guard dog, the Tibetan Mastiff developed in Tibet, a cradle of civilisation isolated from the rest of the world for thousands of years because of the impassable Himalayas Mountains. Like other breeds developed in high mountain regions, Tibetan Mastiffs are distinguished by their strength, power, courage and frequently also by their ferocity[4]. »» Read more...

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Estrela Mountain Dog and other Livestock Guardian Dogs

The Estrela Mountain Dog is a Livestock Guardian Dog developed in Portugal. Considered one of the oldest Portuguese breeds, he is named after the remote Estrela Mountains. These are the highest mountains in continental Portugal where, as a sheep and watch dog, he protects herds against wolves that still existent today. He is also used to guard farms and dwellings, ... »» Read more...