Utility Breed Index


The classification of the dogs in this Group varies from country to country. For simplicity of navigation and accessibility, the table below lists the breeds alphabetically that appear in the Australian classification, divided into five sections based broadly on their historical purpose.

Utility Breed Original Function Country of Origin
Akita Spitz Japan
Alaskan Malamute Spitz America
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Livestock Guardian Dog Turkey
Bernese Mountain Dog Draft (Carting) Switzerland
Boxer Mastiff Germany
Bullmastiff Mastiff England
Canadian Eskimo Dog Spitz Canada
Cane Corso Guard Dog Italy
Central Asian Shepherd Dog Livestock Guardian Dog Russia
Dobermann Guard Dog Germany
Dogue De Bordeaux Mastiff France
German Pinscher Vermin Killer Germany
Leonberger Draft (Carting) Germany
Mastiff Mastiff England
Neapolitan Mastiff Mastiff Italy
Newfoundland Draft (Carting) and Rescue Canada
Portuguese Water Dog Rescue Portugal
Pyrenean Mastiff Livestock Guardian Dog Spain
Pyrenean Mountain Dog Livestock Guardian Dog France
Rottweiler Draft (Carting) and Rescue Germany
Russian Black Terrier Guard Russia
Samoyed Spitz Russia
Schnauzer Guard Germany
Schnauzer (Giant) Guard Germany
Schnauzer (Miniature) Guard Germany
Shiba Inu Spitz Japan
Siberian Husky Spitz Russia
Spanish Mastiff Livestock Guardian Dog Spain
St Bernard Draft (Carting) and Rescue Switzerland
Tibetan Mastiff Livestock Guardian Dog Tibet

So, the five sections are Spitz, Livestock Guardian Dogs, Mastiffs, Guard Dogs, Rescue and Draft Dogs