Carting and Rescue


Historically, large, heavy dogs often rescued people from the sea as well as those trapped in snow and ice covered mountains. Other draft dogs acted as the farmer's or milkman's assistants, pulling carts of containers full of milk or other produce. This section contains many of our most famous pure breed dogs, originally developed for these purposes.

Newf Cuddle


Named after the Canadian Island of Newfoundland where he was first developed, this giant breed is capable of swimming strongly in the sea, hauling loads on land as well as being a gentle companion. Immortalized in numerous works of art by famous painters, in literature by poets and writers especially through the 1800's, today's Newfoundland is essentially unchanged. »» Read more...

St Bernard Best Baby

Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is a massively large breed of dog with ancient origins. Developed by Swiss monks centuries ago specifically to rescue people lost in snow blizzards or buried by avalanches, the instinctive behaviour of Saint Bernards is legendary. The barrels traditionally attached to the dogs' collars brought spirits to travellers found trapped in the snow. »» Read more...

PWD Profile Black and White

Portuguese Water Dog

Recently in the spotlight by being former USA President Obama's family dog, the Portuguese Water Dog is an ancient breed. From early times, this Water Dog was regarded as a crew member on the early fishing boats that travelled around the Iberian Peninsula of Spain and Portugal. A dog with a love of the sea, he would stand on the ... »» Read more...