Modern Issues

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As a lifetime member and advocate of the dog world these dog related issues that have caught my attention as deserving considered comment and debate. My articles in this section have also been published elsewhere.

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The Rise and Fall of Dog Shows

For millennia, dogs and man have been inseparable. But over the last two centuries, man has carefully bred and selected dogs suitable to perform particular, specialized roles. Within each role, there was physical descriptions or Breed Standards written. Then the names and parentage of individual dogs so depicted was recorded in Stud Books and hence they were called pedigreed dogs. ... »» Read more...

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Selective Breeding - a Dying Art?

Famous UK judge, Andrew Brace wrote: 'the ability to read a pedigree is an art'[1]. In other words by selective breeding, the successful breeder creates a dog typical of the Breed Standard. Producing a selectively bred litter is like painting a beautiful picture, or composing an excellent piece of music. Then selecting that special puppy requires what the experienced old-timer ... »» Read more...

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The Australian Shepherd - Quite un-Australian

This article was originally written for 'Dog News Australia' in an attempt to correct the history of the Australian Shepherd's origin currently being promulgated by the AKC, the Kennel Club (UK), the FCI and the ANKC (Australia). The Australian Shepherd is a modern breed which America developed into a pure breed from Australian roots. This article argues the authenticity of ... »» Read more...

Saint Bernard with Tenterfield Terrier


Until recently, de-sexing (castrating a male dog or spaying a female) was only performed out of necessity. But in the last decade or so, de-sexing has become the socially responsible thing to do. This section covers whether and when to de-sex in the first instance and also explores the modern possibilities for participating in traditional activities with a de-sexed dog. »» Read more...


Breed Specific Legislation

This series of articles charts Australia's Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) journey against breeds declared dangerous purely by their physical characteristics. »» Read more...

Airedale 1891 Rev

Exhibitors will be Exhibitors

This whimsical view of published rhetoric that happened over 120 years ago, still appears on today's social media. It demonstrates that frivolous conflicts were endemic to dog shows from the beginning. Is this because dog shows are all about opinion? If so, is it just a product of today's society that discussion about today's show dogs attracts litigation? »» Read more...

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Questioning Compulsory Membership

In Australasia, buying a registered pedigree dog is insufficient to enable participation in pure breed activities. In every state of Australia and in New Zealand, it is compulsory to first become a member of your resident State body. These State bodies control the registers of pure breed dogs with each State having their own Constitution, Rules and Regulations. As only ... »» Read more...

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Dog Showing over Seven Decades

Growing up during World War Two, my early memories include a Mini Foxie called 'Spot' who lived across the road. As we had never owned a pet, he taught me what a difference a dog could make in your life. This sparked my lifetime passion for dogs. Consequently, when my father came home from the War, my parents bought me ... »» Read more...