Iconic Dogs

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Original dog stories published elsewhere, written by Jane covering heart-warming stories about some special dogs, some Australian fables and dog show history.


Kelpie Skylight

The Story of 'Red Dog'

The box office success of the Australian film 'RED DOG' has entrenched our Australian Kelpie into history. This is more than just the legendary story of an individual dog named 'Red Dog'. It is also the story of how one of this iconic Australian breed adapted from being integral to Australia's sheep industry, to being part of a pioneering community ... »» Read more...


The Irony of the Dog on the Tucker-box

Typical of Australian humour, a statue of a dog that fouled the food of our early settlers has become immortalised in stone and developed into one of our most famous icons! These are the facts behind the fable about the famous 'Dog on the Tucker-box' whose statue is situated 5 miles from Gundagai on the main highway which connects Australia's ... »» Read more...


A Dog of many Roles

This is a remarkable true story of how adaptable of one little Cairn Terrier can be! 'Jock' adjusted from being a show and breeding dog to being thrown into the role of 'Toto' in a production of 'The Wizard of Oz' on ice. After this, he became my elderly mother's constant companion and 'Hearing Dog'. When she died, he became ... »» Read more...

Jack NipperRecord Label

His Masters' Voice

This is the true story of a re-homed dog named "Nipper" made famous by the "His Masters Voice" logo. This trademark became not only one of the ten most recognised brands of the 20th century, it also made its creator rich and famous. »» Read more...

Australian Silky Terrier Driver Tag

Driver - A World War One Hero

Amongst the vast collection in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra is a small dog called 'Driver' whose hide is preserved by taxidermy. On his official dog tag he is inscribed as: »» Read more...