Alphabetical Index of Dog Breeds


This index of links to 266 individual dog breeds provides a useful shortcut to a unique page about that breed. The breeds are organised into the Australian Groups as they are recognised by the ANKC. Groups differ from country to country and are usually related to the origin and/or purpose behind the development of those particular breeds.

If the breed you are looking for is not listed, please follow this link: What are Pure Breed Dogs?

Alphabetical Index of Dog Breeds





(Extinct) have been recognised breeds at some point in time but have now died out.

(Historical) were once a definite type of dog but were not developed into a recognised breed.

[1] An FCI Breed not yet recognised in Australia

[2] Breeds recognised by other Kennel Clubs which enjoy world Stud Book reciprocal arrangements like the AKC, CKC, ANKC etc.

[3] Primitive Dogs like Australian Dingo, the wild dog of Australia which was used in the development of the Australian Herding Breeds

[4] The American Pit Bull Terrier which is the subject of the series of articles on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

[5] The Smithfield  was Sheepdog that was used in the early development of Australia. Today, it is still a working sheepdog known by this name despite not being recognised as a pure breed. Similarly the Fell and Patterdale Terriers are working Terriers in the UK, have Breed Clubs but are not yet recognised by the Kennel Club (UK).