Australia's 145 years of Dog Registration

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Having dealt with Victoria, this is the other Australian State and Territory's journeys via their respective Agricultural Societies, to become separate controlling bodies. 'Controlling body' is a historical term which today is still the organisation people must join before participating in any aspect or activity involving of pure-bred dogs.

Additionally, processes governing Breed Standards and standardised Rules for showing, trialling, obedience and other canine related activities are in the hands of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) which also co-ordinates our Australian Stud Book.

Enjoy pictures of our unique Australian animals while we travel through this history.

References and Further Reading:

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Numbat Ken Griffiths

Dogs West

Because the Colony of Western Australia developed quite separately from the rest of Australia until Federation in 1901, the Western Australian Kennel Club also (WAKC), developed differently. Western Australia was the only State that enjoyed affiliation with the Kennel Club of England. Without the necessity of rival bodies, unusually the WAKC was also the only 'controlling body' for WA at ... »» Read more...

platypus REV

Dogs NSW

Dogs New South Wales (Dogs NSW) was pioneering in that, in 1975, the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales' Kennel Control (RASKC) became the first dog organisation in Australia to install an in-house computer to record our breed registrations. Certainly innovative for its time, it worked so well that by 1978 other States and Territories had become linked to ... »» Read more...


Dogs Queensland

When Dogs Queensland was the Kennel Association of Queensland, they made a ground-breaking contribution to our dog world when they produced Australia's first series of Stud Books. Called the 'Canine Stud Books of Australia' these books were published annually from 1922-1947. As the only surviving source of pedigree information of dogs of that time resident in Queensland and beyond, today ... »» Read more...

Southern Hairy nosed Wombat High Res

Dogs SA

Dogs SA (South Australia) was the home of one of our Australian dog world's most colourful characters, Mr David Roche. With a natural eye for a dog as well as everything else of beauty, his collection of decorative arts and furniture became legendary. Members of Dogs SA were so appreciative of his personal input into their dog world that after ... »» Read more...

Tasmanian devil large

Dogs Tasmania

Tasmania conducted the first official dog show in 1862, at Moore's Horse Bazaar in Hobart Town. It had a catalogue produced by Hobart Town's 'Society for the Improvement in the Breed of Dogs' which recorded that 92 dogs that were exhibited. The Hobart newspaper reported the purpose of the dog show was »» Read more...

Red Kangaroo wiki

Dogs NT

The bodies controlling our pure breed dog activities in our two Australian Territories, were not formed until the 1950s. Consequently, they have a comparatively short history. The difference between the Territories and the States is the way they are governed. Australian States have their own State Governments, whereas the Territories are governed under the laws of our Federal Government. However, ... »» Read more...

Canberra bird

Dogs ACT

DogsACT (Australian Capital Territory) is Australia's only dog controlling body which has always elected its Council annually from its membership. Additionally, the Canberra Kennel Association has never had auspices with the National Capital Agricultural Society. »» Read more...