Dog Breeds and Groups


Breeds are arranged here according to the Groups as classified by the ANKC (Australia). Breeds which are historically interesting or have a unique history, function, features or purpose have their own unique page. But where two or three breeds share history, function, features or purpose, they are considered by comparison with a similar breed within that family.

Borzoi Asleep on Chair

Alphabetical Index of Dog Breeds

This index of links to 265 individual dog breeds provides a useful shortcut to a unique page about that breed. The breeds are organised into the Australian Groups as they are recognised by the ANKC. Groups differ from country to country and are usually related to the origin and/or purpose behind the development of those particular breeds. »» Read more...

Peke head

Toy Breeds

Toys or 'lap-dogs' were designed to sit on human laps so they could be stroked and petted. Historically developed over centuries by the aristocracy, these small dogs possess great dignity as they were pampered, fed gourmet delicacies and slept in privileged sleeping places. Although some Toy breeds may not be as robust as their larger counterparts and prefer to live ... »» Read more...

Rambo ND

Terrier Breeds

Terriers were originally the Scent Hounds which followed their prey beneath the earth hence their name 'Terrier' derived from the Latin word 'Terra' meaning earth. Historically Terriers hunted rats, foxes, badger, stoats, weasels and otters. In today's society with no quarry to hunt, the terrier's instinct to dig could worry a garden conscious owner. However, their energy and fun loving ... »» Read more...

English Springer Spaniel

Gundog Breeds

Gundogs were bred to work in conjunction with the hunter and his gun. Historically, Gundogs developed into the breeds we know today along with the development of guns to shoot birds, rabbits, hare or other game primarily for the hunter to eat. In today's society Gundogs are popular companion dogs because they are quiet, steady, obedient, easily trained, and everybody's ... »» Read more...

Borzoi Galloping 2

Hound Breeds

Hounds are mainly divided between Sight and Scent Hounds with a couple of Spitz breeds thrown in. Historically early hounds were the first recorded breeds to assist man find and catch wild animals to eat. Selected for centuries for their hunting ability, in today's society their passion for following game can make them headstrong and somewhat frustrating to train. However, ... »» Read more...

Welsh Corgi over jump

Working Breeds

Working Breeds in Australia consist of sheep and cattle dogs. They are usually responsive, easily trained and capable of running all day. Ideal for participation in Obedience, Agility and other modern dog sports, the Herding breeds have boundless energy and love to chase anything that moves, including cars. They make wonderful companions for those who enjoy dog training and lots ... »» Read more...

Leo child walking

Utility Breeds

Utility breeds are mainly large working dogs other than sheep and cattle dogs. This Group contains mastiffs and giant breeds which historically were used to pull carts or sleds, for rescue work, as Livestock Guardian dogs, or hunted large game like wild boar. Today some utility breeds are still used for sledding, rescue work, police work and as flock guards. ... »» Read more...

 Shar Pei

Non-Sporting Breeds

Historically, when dog shows first began forming groups, there was only two Groups, Sporting and Non-Sporting. As the number of breeds expanded, so did the number of Groups. For whatever reason, today's Non-Sporting breeds eluded other ANKC classifications. So, this group is a collection of unrelated breeds who our administrators did not feel fitted into any of the other groups. ... »» Read more...