Land Spaniels (Sporting)

Cocker SpanielCocker SpanielSpaniels historically flushed the game so the huntsmen could shoot it, working ahead of the huntsmen. As described in the History of Spaniels, they were descended from dogs used for 'Fowling'. Then with the advent of the gun, the many different breeds we know today began to emerge. Today, the different breeds of spaniels make excellent family companions as they are medium sized, require only moderate exercise and are easy to train.

Field Spaniel galloping

Field Spaniel

A few centuries after Spaniels were first described as in the History of Spaniels, there was so much confusion about separating the various Spaniel breeds, the saga is elaborated upon in this section. This confusion arose before the advent of formal Field Trialling and dog showing in the second half of the 1800's, when many indiscriminate spaniel-type dogs which worked ... »» Read more...

Cocker Head Cabal

Cocker Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel (American)

Cocker Spaniels are the two smallest Sporting Spaniel descended from the Spaniels described in the History of Spaniels. Cockers were originally used to cause woodcock spring into the air so the shooter could capture it. Cockers began to make real progress in the mid-1800's when guns became more practical for field use. Progress to develop Cockers as a show dog ... »» Read more...

Clumber head 1934

Clumber and Sussex Spaniels

The Clumber and Sussex Spaniels are often considered together because both breeds are heavily built long, low Spaniels. Although both breeds worked by forcing their way through thick undergrowth, the Clumber worked silently while the Sussex sounds his voice when it finds game. At first glance, their most defining difference is their colour - the Clumber is always white while ... »» Read more...

Springer English springing

English and Welsh Springer Spaniels

There is no logical reason why the English and Welsh Springer Spaniels were named 'Springers'. Instead the function of all the different breeds of Sporting Spaniels was to flush out birds, causing them to rise, 'start' or take flight or, in the case of game, cause it to 'start' running. Then the hunter could safely shoot at it. If the ... »» Read more...