Historical Roles

Airedale War Dogs in TrainingAiredale War Dogs in Training

The earliest dog-man bond developed in different geographic locations. In the beginning dogs which wanted to bond with humans were nurtured. So the desire to make dogs useful arose. Humans used this desire in many ways like assisting them to kill prey. The methods used varied according to the terrain and the particular targeted prey. As the centuries rolled by, many of these functions became even more specialized, some in ways that were quite amazing.


From Coursing to Greyhound Racing

The sport of Greyhound Racing began by coursing Kangaroo Dogs. Today, it is an enjoyable spectacle which is strictly governed so that animal welfare is always at its heart. An estimated 300,000 greyhounds take part in some 40,000 races held annually across Australia. Additionally, today Greyhound Adoption Programmes find homes for greyhounds that have retired from or otherwise unsuitable for ... »» Read more...


The Dogs Grave

From the mid 1800s the Dogs Grave became a well-known overnight stop for stockmen and their cattle dogs when they drove the herds to the markets further south through Victoria's inhospitable High Country. In 1975 a headstone was placed near an actual Dog's Grave as a tribute to the Australian pioneering cattlemen and their dogs who first settled this isolated ... »» Read more...

Airedale WW1 gasmask

Dogs in Communications

In the days before mobile phones, it is difficult to imagine the isolation felt by the thousands who fought the wars of more than a century ago. But only limited material remains of the brave dogs who played many important roles including reconnaissance, assisting with communications, carrying supplies to the wounded and providing comfort to those who spent weeks confined ... »» Read more...

Irish Water Spaniel 1850

Dogs that saved People from Starvation

Researching the history of today's pure dog breeds through books, historic paintings and other references of the 1800's is not easy! It requires coupling the social and political aspects of that time together, with reasons why various breeds developed the way they did. Whilst the wealthy and those who could read and write are well catered for, the history of ... »» Read more...

Companion Ancient Greek

Dog Collars Over Time

Ever considered the historical purpose behind the many uses of dog collars? Their first use was Millennia before the birth of Christ, when bits of animal skin were attached around the necks of Leash Hounds. In sharp contrast we have today's 'smart' collars that immediately locate and send data about our pets, to 'smart phones'! In between times we had ... »» Read more...