Care of your Dog

Borzoi pupBorzoi pup

This section contains some basics about general care of your dog. Dog care in hot weather is a topic which is not often explored. While much has been written about feeding, no dog site is complete without some discussion on this subject. This section will be further expanded as new topics come to light.

Golden With Bone

Feeding your dog

Feeding your dog is a far greater subject than just satisfying its strongest instinct which is to eat and survive. The act of giving your dog its meal reinforces his position in the hierarchy in which he lives which is in your home and/or family. Above all, mealtime for your dog should not only provide suitable nutrition, it should also ... »» Read more...

Nail diagram2

Nail Trimming

Dogs' nails were originally developed to dig to make a bed or to assist in gripping uneven surfaces. But in modern society, soft beds and smooth surfaces can be insufficient to wear down the nails. So it is important that you trim them. When dogs' nails are long, they can also be sharp, especially the front nails. These can scratch ... »» Read more...

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Dog Care in Hot Weather

On hot days, how often do you look at your dog and wonder what you can do to help keep it cool? Here are a few tips: »» Read more...