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Jane HarveyJane Harvey

Jane Harvey has dedicated her life to the advancement of pure bred dogs. She is internationally recognised as a Terrier specialist judge, author, speaker, breeder, exhibitor and producer of educational videos/DVD's on dogs.

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Jane Harvey has had a life-time passion for pure-bred dogs. She is probably best known for breeding 73 Champion Rangeaire Airedales in line across 10 generations. Currently my breed is Tenterfield Terriers which brings the number of Champions I have bred or owner to over 100. Though equally, her extensive experience also covers exhibiting, judging, breeding, grooming, education and as ... »» Read more...

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List of Published Works

Jane Harvey is a widely published author and commentator. Most of her work has been peer reviewed and is widely respected in the dog world. She has published more than the 343 articles listed here. Her research papers appear in authoritative dog publications, magazines and newspapers. The following pages arranged in topics are selected lists of her published works including ... »» Read more...

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Judging Appointments

The following is a list of Shows Jane has judged. Where the Show was confined to a single breed, that breed is of course named. Where the Show is all-breeds or just contains a single Group, that Group is designated according to the Australian classification (ANKC). »» Read more...

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Growing up

Growing up during World War Two, I was given a Fox Terrier (Wire) for my 10th birthday. I then learned to groom her and my introduction to the world of dog showing began. This involved learning to hand strip. So in early 20s, I travelled overseas to further my grooming expertise. In Paris received a grooming recommendation from the world ... »» Read more...