Welcoming a puppy into your home

Golden Retriever puppyGolden Retriever puppy

Careful planning and supervision in those first few weeks of a puppy's arrival home will help ensure its future role as your special companion and family member. A well-socialized and well trained dog is certainly man's best friend. By following these 8 simple guide lines, bringing a puppy home can be an enjoyable experience and alleviate stress for both you and your new dog[1].


[1] Jane Harvey, "Going Home" in Puppies Australia Annual (Michael Vink, Woolloongabba, Queensland) Vol 3 ISSN 14428059 Pages 23-25

Golden Pups two playing

Planning your New Puppy's Homecoming

Bringing a new puppy home is much like planning a child's first day at school. That single experience can make or mar the future success of a dog's life with you. »» Read more...

Welcoming Golden

The First Few Days Home

This section deals with a new puppy's arrival home. So the purpose of this section is to guide you through some of some of the common concerns that may arise. As outlined below, these are usually toilet training, feeding, introducing your new puppy to another family pet, and early puppy socialisation. »» Read more...