Rangeaire Airedale Terriers (Vic 1960 - 2000)

Rangeaire 4 GenerationsRangeaire 4 GenerationsOwned by myself (Jane Harvey) in partnership with my husband Bob, Rangeaire Airedales was a part of my life for nearly 50 years. During this time they have had had a major influence on Airedales both in Australia and overseas. Rangeaire produced 72 champion Airedales bred in a 10-generation direct line that earned 82 Championship titles, as well as owning another 5 which were shown through to title. 13 Airedale breeders bought their foundation Airedale from us and another 5 kennels bred their first litter using one of our stud dogs.

Always hobby operated in a modest family home with a small backyard and no formal kennel block, the Airedales at Rangeaire were also our family's pets as the thumbnail depicts. This account of our practical breeding record could also provide an inspiration to Airedale enthusiasts as well as those in other breeds as the reasons behind the various matings unfold.


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A measure of the success of Rangeaire Kennels was the breeding of 73 Champions earning 87 Championship titles between them. A full listing of these champions is tabulated below with links to further information about each dog on other Rangeaire pages. The family line is also shown is a breeding map showing the interrelationships between these Rangeaire Champions. »» Read more...


Rangeaire Airedales - the 1960's

As soon as I knew 'Ch Old Farm Boy (Imp UK)' I became besotted by Airedales. In the 1950's as a child, I used to travel to dog shows by a bus which collected exhibitors and dropped them off at Shows. When 'Old Farm Boy' got on the bus, he immediately took control. I remember holding my Sealyham Terrier very ... »» Read more...


Rangeaire Airedales - the 1970's

The 1970's was not only a great time for Airedales in Victoria, but many new kennels were becoming established and enthusiastically breeding. This competition stimulated and inspired Rangeaire to keep ahead. So this period produced many champions amid fierce competition. But Ch Rangeaire Ringo Starr, Ch Rangeaire Raggity Anne, Ch Rangeaire Ramsey and their progeny certainly made their presence felt ... »» Read more...

Royce head

Rangeaire Airedales - the 1980's

The 1980's were most significant for Rangeaire in that during this decade when some of our most famous dogs and bitches were bred. These were not only famous for us, they founded other significant Airedale Kennels. My husband and three children all assisted in the raising of the puppies on our small suburban block. But the magnificent Ch Rangeaire Rolls ... »» Read more...

Rambo ND

Rangeaire Airedales - the 1990's

Sadly, the 1990's was the last decade of breeding 'Rangeaire' Airedales. The main reasons were that I became an elected member of the Management Committee of the Victorian Canine Association and we also became very busy with 'Rangeaire Vision'. So, my life changed direction during this decade and has continued to do so. Although my first love will always be ... »» Read more...