Understanding Dog Breeding

Borzoi mother and pupsBorzoi mother and pups

This section explains how characteristics are inherited, selecting a suitable dog and bitch, and breeding terms often referred to when breeding is discussed.

Dogs have been selectively bred for generations to fulfill particular roles. How well the puppy grows into its role depends on both learned behaviour from purpose training and inheritance. This section deals purely with inheritance. Inheritance is the receipt of genetic characteristics from the dog's parents and direct predecessors. By understanding how inherited characteristics are passed on from one generation to the next, this section should assist you in understanding dog breeding and so produce the dog of your dreams[1].

References and Further Reading

[1] A complete guide is covered in the DVD 'How to Make a Showdog' by Jane Harvey


Genetics and Inheritance

This section explains genetics, chromosomes, DNA, dominant and recessive genes, prepotency, and how to selectively breed for certain characteristics. »» Read more...

Finnish Lapphund

Selecting your Foundation Bitch and her Mate

The basis of any kennel is a good brood bitch. The choice of the male dog (sire) should come later. A good brood bitch is not necessarily one that comes into season regularly and produces masses of pups. A mongrel can do that and people who feel their brood bitch is a good one because she does are thinking more ... »» Read more...

Four Generations

Breeding Definitions

This section contains explanations of some of the breeding terms - family lines, in-breeding, out-crossing and line-breeding which are often used (and misused) when discussing selective breeding of pedigreed animals. But it is important to remember the names on the pedigree can only say so much. An excellent example of these terms can be seen by following this link to ... »» Read more...