History of the Samoyed

Samoyed Show 1993Samoyed Show 1993

The Samoyed people lived in the West of Russia where they raised their reindeer. Together with their dogs, they followed the reindeer through the high-latitude land. This was in the treeless frost-moulded plains of the Arctic Circle. The reindeer's feet were naturally adapted to scrape up their food which consisted of a type of moss or lichen. The Samoyed dogs also guarded the reindeer from wolves  keeping them in a pack or flock and rounding up the stragglers like a Livestock Guardian Dog. The Samoyed people also hunted and trapped small game like polar hares and Arctic fox and dried their skins for clothing. In summer, the Samoyed people lived on salmon and wild fowl.

However, they were also an excellent sled dog.

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