Toy Breed Index

Tibetan SpanielTibetan Spaniel

The classification of the dogs in the Toy Group varies from country to country. For simplicity of navigation and accessibility, the table below lists the breeds alphabetically as they appear in the Australian classification. They are divided into five sections based broadly on their historical purpose.

Breed Original Function Country of Origin
Affenpinscher Ratter Germany
Australian Silky Terrier Ratter Australia
Bichon Frise Companion France
Bolognese Companion Italy
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Toy Spaniel England
Chihuahua (Smooth) Companion Mexico
Chihuahua (Long) Companion Mexico
Chinese Crested Dog Companion China
Coton de Tulear Pets Madagascar
English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan) Ratter England
Griffon Bruxellois Ratter Belgium
Griffon Petit Brabancon Ratter Belgium
Griffon Belge Ratter Belgium
Havanese Companion Cuba
Italian Greyhound Miniaturized Larger Breed Italy
Japanese Chin Toy Spaniel China (Japan)
King Charles Spaniel Toy Spaniel England
Löwchen ('Little Lion Dog') Companion France
Maltese Companion Italy
Miniature Pinscher Ratter Germany
Papillon and Phalene Toy Spaniel France
Pekingese Toy Spaniel China (Peking)
Pomeranian Miniaturized Larger Breed Germany
Pug Companion Holland
Russian Toy (Smooth) Companion Russia
Russian Toy (Long) Companion Russia
Sydney Silky Ratter Australia
Tibetan Spaniel Toy Spaniel Tibet (China)
Yorkshire Terrier Ratter England