How the British Transformed Australia

Early British SettlementEarly British Settlement

Believed to be the oldest continent in the world, Australia's history dates back millions of years. This unique continent was first occupied by Aboriginal people who arrived here tens of thousands of years ago. Together with their native dog the Dingo, they learned to live in harmony with the the land. However, in the last couple of centuries, the British and their dogs, together with evolving technology and purpose bred dogs, changed Australia forever. This is an outline of that journey.

First Fleet

Founding Australia

Prior to British settlement, Australia was inhabited by Aboriginal people. Their only dog was the Dingo which had also been in Australia for 10,000-18,000 years. However, on January 26th 1788, the British First Fleet consisting of eleven ships, arrived in Sydney Cove, New South Wales. This changed Australia forever. Ignorant of how different the terrain and climate was to that ... »» Read more...

Australia change WA NSW FINAL

How Dogs Shaped our Colonies

In 1788, the British landed in Sydney, New South Wales. Instead of respecting the rights of Aboriginal people who had lived in Australia for thousands of years, the British claimed the entire continent of Australia as their own. At first, as illustrated, the British governed it as two independent colonies. Then in 1901, Australia became an independently governed Nation with ... »» Read more...