Hound Breed Index

Beagle and Basset HoundBeagle and Basset Hound

In some countries, there are breeds of Hounds which are not recognised in Australia. Additionally, there are some other breeds which are classified as Hounds in different countries. As this website does not aim to include every pure breed Hound breed that is recognised anywhere in the world, for simplicity here is a list of those which are contained in the Hound Group in Australia:

Hound Breed Historical Function Country of origin
Afghan Hound Sight Hound Afghanistan
Azawahk Sight Hound Morocco
Basenji Scent Hound Central Africa
Basset Fauvre de Breton Scent Hound France
Basset Hound Scent Hound France
Beagle Scent Hound England
Bloodhound Scent Hound Belguim
Bluetick Coon Hound Scent Hound USA
Borzoi Sight Hound Russia
Dachshunds (6 varieties) Scent Hound Germany
Dingo Wild Dog Australia
Deerhound Sight Hound Scotland
Finnish Spitz Spitz breed Finland
Foxhound Scent Hound England
Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Scent Hound France
Greyhound Sight Hound Egypt
Hamiltonstovare Scent Hound Sweden
Harrier Scent Hound England
Ibizan Hound Sight Hound Ibiza (Mediterranean)
Irish Wolfhound Sight Hound Ireland
Kangaroo Dog Sight Hound Australia
Norwegian Elkhound Spitz breed Norway
Otterhound Scent Hound England
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Scent Hound France
Pharoah Hound Sight Hound Egypt
Portuguese Podengo Small/Medium/Large Smooth Haired and Small/Medium/Large Wire Haired Sight and Scent Portugal
Rhodesian Ridgeback Scent Hound South Africa
Saluki Sight Hound Middle East
Sloughi (Arabian Greyhound) Sight Hound Morocco
Whippet Sight Hound England