Other recognised breeds of Sight Hounds

Group of SalukiGroup of Saluki

Engravings made over three thousand years before the birth of Christ depict recognisable sight hounds of the type we see in today's modern Saluki which originated in the Middle East. Today, the various breeds of sight hounds are among the most stunningly beautiful and elegant of all our dog breeds.

Afghan HoundAfghan Hound

Another stunning breed is the Afghan Hound which is a dignified and aloof hound standing up to 29 inches high. He has an unusual tail which has a ring at the end which is just sparsely feathered. His coat varies in length in that on top of his long head where there is a distinct silky topknot, to a saddle of shorter hair along his back, and long and fine in texture elsewhere except on his pasterns. Between the glamorous coat and the springy gait of the Afghan Hound with its style of high order, this is one of the most spectacular breeds in the show-ring today.

Other Sight Hounds include the Azawahk from Morocco, the Borzoi from Russia, the Pharoah Hound from Egypt, the Saluki from the Middle East, and the Sloughi or Arabian Greyhound from Morocco.

These breeds will be dealt with in more detail soon.