Hound Breeds


Hounds are mainly divided between Sight and Scent Hounds with a couple of Spitz breeds thrown in. Historically early hounds were the earliest recorded breeds to assist man find and catch wild animals to eat. Selected for centuries for their hunting ability, in today's society their passion for following game can make them headstrong and somewhat frustrating to train. However, of all the modern dog breeds, this group contains many breeds that are the most admired for their stunning beauty and elegance.


Beagle Basset WDS95

Hound Breed Index

In some countries, there are breeds of Hounds which are not recognized in Australia. Additionally, there are some other breeds which are classified as Hounds in different countries. As this website does not aim to include every pure breed Hound breed that is recognized anywhere in the world, for simplicity here is a list of those which are contained in ... »» Read more...

Irish Wolfhound stamp

Sight Hounds

Sight hounds, such as the Borzoi and the Greyhound, are built for speed and hunt by sight. Historically they used to kill their prey. Sight hounds are among the earliest known dog breeds known to man and the type from which many of our modern breeds descend. »» Read more...

Bloodhound Drawing

Scent Hounds

In contrast to sight hounds, scent hounds follow their prey by scent rather than sight. Often these hounds were hunted on the end of the leash, so historically were called Leash Hounds. The Bloodhound or Saint Hubert Hound is the oldest recognized Scent Hound and certainly many of our modern breeds date back to this breed. »» Read more...