JaneDogs is a unique Australian site covering a full range of topics on dogs from their earliest references in art and literature to their role in modern society. It contains over 230 articles and more than 1,400 photographs, pictures and diagrams.

Individual breeds and their history and purpose are explored and compared with like breeds in easily referenced charts. General areas are also covered, such as care and management, terminology, plus today's social issues, and published stories.

Written by Jane Harvey, a world renowned dog expert, author and judge, this website contains original material not available elsewhere.

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Major Sections

Golden With Bone

Dog Advice

This instructional section deals with the many practicalities of choosing and and owning dogs. Utilizing a lifetime of personal experience as well as acting as a mentor to new owners, breeders, judges and dog show exhibitors, this section aims to answer numerous questions on general dog selection and care, grooming, breeding and judging dogs. »» Read more...

Boxer Head

Dog Breeds and Groups

Breeds are arranged here according to the Groups as classified by the ANKC (Australia). Breeds which are historically interesting or have a unique history, function, features or purpose have their own unique page. But where two or more breeds share history, function, features or purpose, they are considered by comparison with similar breeds or families of breeds. »» Read more...

Body Cocker Spaniel Height at Shoulder

Dog Terminology

This section explains dog jargon used in Breed Standards and doggie talk by vets and dog breeders. Unless otherwise stated, this section combines use of our own original computer graphics some of which are overlain on photos of actual dogs, giving this glossary a new and unique approach. »» Read more...

Vase 5c BC


Here the story of the dog-man relationship is told, beginning with the early civilizations in which this relationship first developed. As this story continues, how and why the various types of dogs first evolved is described, together with their purpose of classification of dogs into the various groups of breeds. »» Read more...



This section contains historical stories not only about some famous Australian dog fables but also describes the evolution of our dog world. Issues that confront dog ownership in the 21st century are also explored here. »» Read more...

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About Us

Passion for dogs has dominated Jane Harvey's life. Having experienced the highs and lows of showing, breeding, judging, administration and government policy, with great pleasure Jane's dog experience is presented here as well as acknowledgements to the many people who have contributed to this site. »» Read more...

Recently Added

GSP on Point

German Shorthaired and Wirehaired Pointers

The German Shorthaired and Wirehaired Pointers are popular in Australia as the Rough Shooters' dog that can hunt, point and retrieve. Additionally they are able to track and mark wounded game both by foot-scent and air-scent. But not only are they staunch and steady in the field, they make obedient and lovable companions at home. »» Read more...

Lagotto white retrieving

Lagotto Romagnolo

An ancient Italian medium-sized water dog, the Lagotto is a very ancient breed. Developed in Italy in one of the earliest cradles of civilization, perhaps he was in the background of many ancient Water Dogs like those described by Gervase Markham in his book 'The Art of Fowling' (1655 AD). By the mid-1800's the Lagotto was used almost exclusively for ... »» Read more...

Greyhound Profile


The Greyhound is one of the oldest pure breeds, his breed type remaining somewhat consistent for seven thousand years. Since early Egyptian times time he played an important role in running hare and gazelle down for food, and coursing for the thrill of the chase. Referred to in the Bible[2] as well as in early Greek literature, his popularity among ... »» Read more...

NoveSDTR jumping in water

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

One of our more recent pure breeds, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is smallest of all Retrievers. He was developed in Nova Scotia, Canada for the special purpose of duck tolling, by resembling a Red Fox not only in appearance, but also by copying the Red Fox's hunting behaviour. The enticing of ducks to come within shooting distance of ... »» Read more...