Short Legged Scent Hounds

Dachshund (Smooth)Dachshund (Smooth)

In contrast to sight hounds, scent hounds follow their prey by scent rather than sight. Often these hounds were hunted on the end of the leash, so historically were called Leash Hounds. Even some of the Short Legged Scent Hounds late back to breeds like the Bloodhound or Saint Hubert Hound which is the oldest recognized Scent Hound.

Basset Head

Other Short Legged Scent Hounds

This section contains short legged Scent Hound breeds not yet dealt with in detail. These were bred for two different purposes. Some short legged Scent Hounds that were bred to follow their prey beneath the ground are of similar construction to short Legged Terriers with deep chests. Others were developed on short legs so they could be more easily followed ... »» Read more...