Neopolitan MastiffNeopolitan Mastiff

Mastiffs embrace a family of giant breeds whose origins date back thousands of years to the Asiatic Mastiff and Tibetan Mastiff.  As civilizations moved eastwards many modern large breeds evolved from this one source, the Neopolitan Mastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux developing in Italy and France respectively, and once they reached Britain, the Mastiff (English) and the Bullmastiff. Once they reached the Iberian Peninsula, the Pyrenean Mastiff and Spanish Mastiff became Livestock Guardian Dogs (Utility).

Mastiff lying Trafford

Mastiff (English)

The breed we refer to as the Mastiff is more precisely defined as 'the Mastiff (English)'. Selectively bred to look like his interesting ancestor the Mastiff of England, his powerful giant build and the huge head marks the nobility and courage of his past. »» Read more...

BM Standing


This more athletic type of Mastiff began to emerge in England by the mid 1500's because of the increasing need for a dog to keep watch and patrol his master's lands or farms especially at night. Developed from the Mastiff (English) and sharing a similarly proportioned head and the same colours, the Bullmastiff is a much more agile and less ... »» Read more...

Boxer Head


The Boxer is one of our most popular and easily recognisable pure breed dogs. His unique head, balance, clean cut body lines, proud and noble carriage, personality and sense of humour stamp the Boxer into the memory of all who meet him. German in origin, he has been developed slightly differently in various countries throughout the world where he has ... »» Read more...

Dogue Behind Statue

Neapolitan Mastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux

These two ancient breeds of Mastiffs with their loose skin may look somewhat similar. But their similarities and differences make an interesting study. Both breeds are very striking - the Neapolitan with his massive head and wrinkles and who could forget the Dogue de Bordeaux 'Hooch' who starred in the famous Tom Hanks film, 'Turner and Hooch'. »» Read more...