Dog Body Terminology

English SetterEnglish Setter

The body of each breed of dog reflects very much what the dog was originally bred for. This section covers terminology related to general body proportions, different types of coat and variations in skin that are particular to some dog breeds.

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Dog Body Proportions

Body terminology varies from one Breed Standard to another. Here are a few definitions that may assist you when assessing a the dog in profile. This section begins with the neck, and then discusses body height and length proportions and also the special requirement of spanning a terrier. »» Read more...

Basset Hound Haw

Skin Terminology

Apart from being coated or hairless, the skin of a dog can come in many variations. It can cover the dog tightly, or be so loose in a particular area that it becomes a characteristic described by a specific term. This page explains the names of some of these loose skin formations. »» Read more...