Maltese and Bichon Varieties

Vase from 4th Century BCVase from 4th Century BC

The fore-runners of today's Maltese are among the most ancient of all Toy Breeds. They were originally called Melitaie, an ancient name for the Island of Malta from which the Phoenicians traded between the East and the West. Around 300 BC Aristotle described these as 'about the size of a Maltese dog of the little, tiny sort'. Consequently, we have the 'Maltese and Bichon Varieties' considered here.

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The Bichon Family

It gives me great pleasure to present varieties of Bichon because a Bichon Frise has always been a member of my own family. All Bichon varieties are complete extroverts, a joy to live with and well suited to modern society. The Bichon breeds are modern additions to the pure breed dog world, some resurrected from virtual extinction. With controversy surrounding ... »» Read more...

The Maltese Family

The two breeds considered here developed directly from the Maltese, an ancient breed formerly called the Melitaie. »» Read more...